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Welcome to the Millarworld Forums!


Welcome everyone to the new Millarworld forums. It’s a big change from what’s been here previously and it might take a bit of time to get used to, but hopefully over time it’ll just as comfortable as the old place. Just like breaking in a new pair of shoes!

We’ve put together a simple FAQ to help with the transition to the new platform.

What are the rules of the new forum?

  1. Be nice to each other. Gentle mocking is welcome but don’t insult or be confrontational. And if you lose your cool, saying “sorry” afterwards is good and you won’t lose anything by doing so.
  2. Keep swearing to a minimum. We want the forum family friendly.
  3. Let the mod team help. If someone is out of order, flag the post and let the mods handle it.
  4. Discussions on all sorts of topics are welcome but keep it in good taste; this is an inclusive community so be aware how others perceive your posts.
  5. Generally consider all threads spoiler free unless they’re marked as SPOILERS WELCOME.
  6. Be respectful. Constructive criticism is a good thing; constant negativity and criticizing just to criticize does no one any good.

How do I create a new profile?
To sign in you’ll see a link in the top right hand corner. Click the ‘Sign Up’ button and you’ll be prompted to enter your email (which will always be kept private) then your username, some amount of your real name and a password you’d like to use. Once complete we’ll send an email to confirm your identity and you’ll be all set to post.

Should I use my real name?
You don’t have to, but we’ve found that people who use real names have a much better experience. It encourages conversations (easier to say Hello Bob, rather than Hello DarthAwesome11!!) and it helps us spot spambots. So we encourage everyone to use at least part of their real name.

What forums do we have?
We’ve simplified things to 3: General Entertainment, Creative Works and the Pub. The pub is where the silliness happens. And the great debates about life. Like any good pub.

How do I create a thread?
Once you’re in a forum you just click the ‘New Topic’ button. Make sure your topic isn’t already being discussed somewhere else!

How do I send personal messages?
Click on the user name and a pop up will appear letting you send a Private Message. If you get a message you’ll see notification in the top right of the screen.

How to I change my profile?
Click on the icon in the top right and select your profile. You can set your avatar, change your page background, show or hide your full name and let people see a little about yourself. Plus there’s a few other settings you can play with.

How do I see new posts?
There’s a new way to navigate posts. When you click on the icon at the top left of the page you’ll have several options to see what’s happening in the forum. You can see the latest posts, those that are new to you, any you haven’t read yet, any you’ve marked to come back to, the most popular topics and a view by the different categories. All in all, it should be easy to see what’s going on even in the busiest of days.

How do I upvote posts?
With love. You’ll see a heart icon under each post. Click it and send a little bit of love to the author. There’s no sending hate here, just good vibes people.

How do I add spoiler text?
To set spoiler text: use the tags [spoiler][\spoiler] (reverse the slash) around your text. To read spoiler text, click on it and the blurred lines will become clear. Don’t start a new paragraph between the tags or it doesn’t work.

How can I contact a moderator?
If you see a post that’s concerning you can click the flag button. One of the friendly moderators will have a look to see what’s going on and will take the appropriate action.

And remember folks, if this is your first time on Millarworld, you have to post!


We’ve updated this post to include a set of forum rules (more guidelines) as some posters had been asking what the limits are. It’s mostly ‘be excellent to each other’ which isn’t a bad place to be.