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Welcome to Millarworld - Now Introduce Yourself!

Newbies coming in all the time and welcome for a cuddle from me and the mods.

Fill in the wee questionnaire below and tell us a bit about yourself.

Fave Comics Current
Fave Comics Ever
Fave movies
Secret Crush
How you would like to die
The last time you punched someone
Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring?
What brought you to Millarworld?

I have a feeling you’re all going to fit right in!



I’ve been here for a while now but I haven’t actually filled one of these out, so why not?

Name - Ross Trapnell
Age - 20
Country - England
Fave Comics Current - Black Science, Deadly Class, Hawkguy, Chrononauts
Fave Comics Ever - Dark Knight Returns, All Star Superman, Batman Year One
Fave movies - Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman, The Fountain
Secret Crush - Natalie Portman
How you would like to die - Wearing a cape,with an S on my chest
The last time you punched someone - Yesterday I think? I was tired, they made a quip. It wasn’t funny.
Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring? - Yes, absolutely. I’d make amateur movies on the moon or something.


Name: Bruce

Age: 32

Country: UK

Fave Comics Current: 2000AD has been really strong over the past few years so that’d have to top my list. Enjoying The Walking Dead too and the current Batman team’s output too. Anything war related by Garth Ennis.

Fave Comics Ever: I’m rereading all the Judge Dredd Complete Case Files at the moment and about to get to my #1 of all time story - The Apocalypse War. Garth Ennis’s run on Punisher (MA) and on Hitman are also on my list.

Fave movies: Late 80s, early 90s Arnie. Predator, Terminator 1 and 2, Total Recall, etc? How can you fault them?! Never get tired of Robocop either!

Secret Crush: Oh man, I’m not sure. I’ve been watching Star Trek: TNG reruns in the evening and realised younger me had feelings he couldn’t quite understand for Dr Crusher. Currently? Well, if I told it wouldn’t be a secret!

How you would like to die: Gloriously or not at all.

The last time you punched someone: Genuinely can’t remember. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown one in anger (though often fantasised about it).

Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring?: Probably not, due to my exceptional laziness. I’d probably end up using it to put the kettle on without standing up rather than any superheroics.


Name: Dave

Age: 33

Country: UK

Fave Comics Current: Multiversity just ended, so I guess Velvet, Saga, Chrononauts and Nameless for the moment.

Fave Comics Ever: I can never do this, and I’ll kick myself in about ten minutes for missing something out, but… Lee/Ditko Spider-Man, Watchmen, Daredevil (Miller & Bendis), All-Star Superman, From Hell, Ultimates… I could go on all day.

Fave movies: Ditto. But off the top of my head - Back to the Future, Terminators 1 & 2, The Matrix, Toy Story 1-3, Spirited Away, Aladdin, Lost In Translation, Finding Nemo…

Secret Crush: Philippa Forrester

How you would like to die: At peace and with enough time to say goodbye.

The last time you punched someone: Probably in a school playground, a long time ago.

Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring? Yes, but it would only take about five minutes before I started making rude-shaped constructs. Does Oa have any rules against that?


Name: Simon Jones

Age: Staring down the barrel of early middle age

Country: Ireland. It is a quaint little place to the west of Wales and Scotland. We also gave the world Bono and Riverdance. We’re kinda sorry about that.

Fave Comics Current: 2000AD, Jupiter’s Legacy, Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man.

Fave Comics Ever: Daredevil Born Again, Alan Moore/Alan Davis Captain Britain, JLA # 1-4, 1985

Fave movies:The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, Die Hard, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Vertigo, Night of the Hunter,Ghostbusters, Brazil, We’re No Angels, and Superman The Movie…And The Verdict. I can’t forget the Verdict.

Secret Crush: You realise that my wife has internet access, right?

How you would like to die: Sacrificing myself to save the Earth from an impending Dalek invasion, before regenerating moments later into the new Simon (hmmm. New teeth. That’s weird). I expect that I will actually die one day walking down the street when I am suddenly crushed in a freakish accident involving a crane and a low flying barnyard animal.

The last time you punched someone: July 23rd 1997. Around about 7:30pm ish.

Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring?: For good, or like to watch for half an hour?


These secret crushes are no longer secret :smile:

Name: Mark Millar
Age: 45
Country: Great Britain (heh heh)
Fave Comics Current: Saga, Walking Dead, Snyder Batman.
Fave Comics Ever: 70s Superman, Moore’s Swampy, anything by Miller, Ellis Authority.
Fave movies: Superman, Jaws, Star Wars, Raiders, Godfather, Unforgiven.
Secret Crush: Holly Willoughby, Charlotte Hawkins, Kay Burley, various teachers in 80s.
How you would like to die: Eaten by dogs, fighting in vain.
The last time you punched someone: In reality? Years ago. In my mind? Every day.
Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring?: Yes.



Hey guys and gals, new forum means a new user account, even though I’m an old poster and a reasonably old person (~31.02 years).

Country: Sweden.
Fave Comics Current: Nameless, Batman, Star Wars
Fave Comics Ever: V for Vendetta
Fave movies: Adventures of Picasso, Megamind, Batman The Movie, Empire Strikes Back Uncut
Secret Crush: Channing Tatum. Alicia Vikander. Battle Beast. Ellen Ripley.
How you would like to die: In a horrific, yet pleasurable beyond belief, “team-up” (threem-up? teamsome?) with at least two of the above.
The last time you punched someone: When I had lunch with my brother earlier today. Before that, when we watched a movie together yesterday… Also, when he woke me yesterday. We fight a lot. He always wins, and so do I.
Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring: Better than anyone I know. And I promise I won’t use it to fight my brother. I’d be better off with the blue or indigo ring, I think.

I’m just your regular irresponsible seven feet tall crossdressing feminist alpha male know-it-all recovering racist idiot with charm, prejudice and a heightened sense of fashion.


How could I forget to put down “midnighter” as my secret crush? Inconcievable…

Name: Ronnie
Age: 37
Country: US
Fave Comics Current: Saga, Jupiter’s Circle, Chrononauts
Fave Comics Ever: All-Star Superman, Ultimates, X-Men, X-Force
Fave movies: Star Wars: A New Hope, Rashomon, Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, Back to the Future
Secret Crush: Mary Lambert
How you would like to die: Of old age at the same time as my wife.
The last time you punched someone: Probably grade school. I used to get beat up a lot until I fought back.
Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring? I would hope so. Though that’s a big responsibility.


Anders is here! That’s so great!

Name - Christian
Age - 42
Country - Germany
Fave Comics Current - Saga, Trees, Zero, Unwritten
Fave Comics Ever - Watchmen, Sandman, Invisibles, Shade the Changing Man, Enigma, Scott Pilgrim, Blankets, Essex County Trilogy, Transmetropolitan
Fave movies - Stranger Than Paradise, Fight Club, Oldboy, Videodrome, Lost Highway, Night of the Hunter
Secret Crush - Emma Stone. That girl has got a great voice.
How you would like to die - in an accident so unlikely it will make the history books. Or in a nuclear explosion.
The last time you punched someone - I never punched him, and whoever claims I did is a damn liar and will get a punching themselves. Not by me, of course. I’m just saying. If you deserve to be punched, the world will find a way to get you punched, with or without me. Anyway, it wasn’t me and you can’t prove anything.
Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring? - Define “trust”. You could definitely trust me to do something interesting with it.


Name: Chris
Age: 42
Country: USA (New Jersey)
Fave Comics Current: Chrononauts/Jupiter’s Circle, Howard the Duck
Fave Comics Ever: Wanted/Watchmen and every obscure DC comic from the 80’s.
Fave movies: Star Wars, Kick-Ass, Vacation, Ghostbusters, Raiders, Unbreakable
Secret Crush: Sasheer Zamata, Lacey Chabert
How you would like to die: Like my Grandfather, in my sleep. Not screaming like the passengers in his car.
The last time you punched someone: Awhile ago. A guy was assaulting a clerk at Pathmark, so I blasted him.
Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring? Nope. Too much fun.

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Any responses that seem discontinuous with previous versions and/or responses to this topic are totally due to being a failed writer of humorous verse. Horrific SF seems more my genre. Mea culpa, c’est la plume, and Why So Serious?

Name - Michael. Not mike. I worked in TV for a year, and the sound guys drove me out of my flippin’ mind, 'cause when I was around they would find any excuse possible to yell out “Mike!” so my head would snap around. Then they found out my best friend was the producer and stopped. But, my oh my, did they have some fun for a while!
Age - As far as I know, currently, Senior. Sixty. And a HALF!
Country - The Colonies, Colorado, a smallish town sorta near Boulder.
Fave Comics Current - Oh my. Chrononauts of course, with a liking but holding judgment on Jupiter’s Circle, Tomasi and Gleeson’s Batman and Robin, Manhattan Projects - and just turned on to the fine Judge Dredd tales (by Ronnie!) and terrified that there are eighty volumes!, - and Jim Kreuger has been writing a lot lately (and let it out of the bag that he and Alex have a project related to Reality X cooking on a back burner!).
Fave Comics Ever - Just mentioned Reality X (Earth X - Universe X - XEN - Paradise X); TDK/DKSA; From Hell; StormWatch/Authority; Old Man Logan; Starlight; and the Silver Age. Yeah, all of it. And some '90’s stuff.
Fave movies - For reals for a change:

    1. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
    1. Blade Runner (Director’s Cut)
    1. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    1. Atom Man versus Superman (1950, link below)
    1. The Dark Knight
      Secret Crush - It’s like bright shiny things. I’m really fickle with crushes.
      How you would like to die? - I’m thinking a stake in the heart after another good millennium or so, but with my luck it’ll probably be the flu.
      The last time you punched someone - Intentionally? About 1992, but he really, really needed it. Accidentally? About a month ago. Gesticulating whilst telling a tall tale, I swung my arm as Roomie #2 approached and caught him right up alongside the jaw. Okay, maybe not a real punch, but then again I didn’t break reality by doing it!
      Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring? Actually, yeah. Poor ring would have to work overtime keeping me going, but I have the will power. The won’t power? Not so much.

Where’s my cuddle?

(The Atom Man link - interesting and thorough!)


Right here.


I see what you did there!

You’re forgiven, I stole it, too.

I added in a few more if you all don’t mind…

Name: Alfred Alexander Whittle
Age: 47
Location: New York City
Occupation: NYC Transit Procurement Representative
Status: Single (complicated)
Languages besides English: Some Portuguese
Comics you’re currently buying: Miracleman, Secret Wars
Favorite Comics ever: Byrne/Claremont Xmen
Favorite Millar book: Ultimates and Authority (tie)
Favorite comic characters: Batman, Wolverine, Joker, Arcade, the Authority, Captain America
Favorite Creators: Morrison, Millar, Moore, Claremont back in the day
Books: Dummies books, some chess books
Magazines: Tech magazines, exercise magazines,(no booty magazines)
Top TV shows right now: Banshee, and about to start watching Daredevil
Favorite Movies: Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Purple Rain, Robocop (original)
Hobbies: Comics, PC’s, C programming, gadgets, some video games like Tomb Raider and Arkham (Batman)
Music : Led Zeppelin, the Smiths, Prince, the Beatles
Sports: Baseball, American football
Strengths: Intelligence, Kindness
Weaknesses: Occasionally lazy, junk food
What you like: Kind people
What you dislike: sarcasm, snarky remarks, spite, ignorance
What do you like about Millarworld: The forum has a lot of good topics that interest me
Celebrities you like: Carrie Keagan, Samuel Jackson, Harrison Ford, (Kim Kardashian is getting on my nerves, but still tolerable)
Celebrities you would go back in time for: Jane Russell, Ann Margret, Pam Grier
Personal Philosophy: Get it all over with, and get it right the first time around
How would you like to die: I can’t say that as this is a family forum
Last time you punched someone: Years ago
Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring: Yes
Other Stuff: What more do you want to know?

Some great additions there, Al. And you seem so much happier since you got that job and got out of the home more. Now I look to you as a good role model! (As to getting up and out of the house, at least!)
I’ll add my answers.

Hobbies: Comics, playing guitar badly, dabbling with model-building after forty-some years, writing.
Music : Me classic rock guy, John Fogerty (CCR), Steely Dan, Dire Straits, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, and a remarkable array of others!
Sports: Baseball, some football (not the running-around-on-the-grass kind!), Olympics when they come around. American Ninja Warrior, too! We have two finalists here in the city and many train in this area! And Jeopardy! - a mental sport! This years Tournament of Teachers Champion is from a nearby school, and a chef from up the hill in Steamboat Springs just won a boatload in seven days.
Strengths: Intelligence (waning), psych skills (still strong), never giving up.
Weaknesses: Being a physical wreck; in an effort to be thorough being too wordy; a really fine bowl of excellent salad; cats. I love cats1
What you like: People who live to make themselves and the world better.
What you dislike: People who live to serve themselves and screw others and the world.
What do you like about Millarworld: MillarWorldlarians!
Celebrities you like: Ian McKellan, Lance Hendrikson, Zoe Saldana, Sam Jackson, Russell Crowe, a bunch of others.
Celebrities you would go back in time for: I have business with Tyrone Power, Humphrey Bogart and Howard Hughes. There are others! (And one does not need to go back in time for Pam Grier. She lives a bit south of here and is doing fine. Very, very fine.)
Personal Philosophy: It’s all in the reflexes.

Haven’t been around here in quite a while, but here goes:

Name Cully Hamner
Age 46
Country USA
Fave Comics Current LOW, Day Men, Chrononauts, Veil, Jupiter’s Circle, Hit, Saga, Batman… too many good comics right now to even begin to name.
Fave Comics Ever Miller’s Daredevil runs, Hellboy, Byrne FF, Simonson Thor, 100 Bullets… again, barely scratching the surface.
Fave movies The Godfather Trilogy, The Iron Giant, Raiders, The Incredibles, Jaws, Close Encounters, All The President’s Men, JFK, 12 Angry Men, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, etc.
Not-So-Secret Crush I already live with her. :smile:
How you would like to die Laughing!
The last time you punched someone Heh… Tony Harris, in the kidney, several years ago.
Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring? The question is, can YOU trust me with Green Lantern’s ring?


Welcome to NuMillarworld, Cully. Glad to have you around.


Welcome Cully!


Name: Stevie Robinson
Age: 37
Country: Northern Ireland/ Ireland
Fave Comics Current: Chrononauts, Mythic, Copperhead, Jupiter’s Circle, Suiciders, Secret Identities
Fave Comics Ever: Locke & Key, The Boys, Hitman, Preacher, 1985, Civil War
Fave movies: Dirty Dancing, Point Break, Youngblood, Star Wars,
Secret Crush
How you would like to die: Buried under a landslide of my comics, In Vegas, in a strip club, on my 99th Birthday.
The last time you punched someone: Drunken fight with my best friend 8 years ago, We fought for around 2 hours, neither of us landed a single blow. both collapsed exhausted.Ridiculous fight.
Could you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring?: I couldn’t be trusted with an ordinary lantern, or ring.