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Wednesday Fan-Chat #8 - Rick Remender


Do not miss. The guy is bloody brilliant. Come ask all things Marvel and all things Black Science and all the other magical malarkey he gets up to. Love this dude!


Wednesday Fan-Chat #9 - Becky Cloonan

I am pumped for this.


Great! I love Black Science.


Wow! Haven’t talked to or about Rick for a while! I think I may invite a buddy of his!


Cool! Remender has been putting out some really impressive work ever since Uncanny X-Force. Black Science is very cool and I’ve just started in on Low and Deadly Class which might be even better.


As usual I’ll be asleep by the time this starts as it’s 2am over here so I’ll ask my questions now.

  1. You’ve had some pretty ‘out there’ ideas at Marvel, from Frankencastle to the Red Skull stealing Xavier’s brain, have you had any issues trying to convince the editors it’ll work?

  2. For your Image books how long do you envisage each of them running? Will we get 100 issues of Deadly Class, Black Science or Low or 25? Do you go in, like Millar has said he does, with an end point in mind or just the concept and see where it takes you?


Awesome Sir, love this Millarworld chats!!!


As always:

2pm = Atlantic Coast

1pm = Chicago and its Chattals

Noon Straight Up = Magnificent Mountain Time ! ! !

11 ante meridian = Left Coast

0800 Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time

Please excuse the Chief. We are on Daylight Savings Time, not Standard Time. Except in Arizona, which has some sense.

And here’s your cheat sheet!

Hi Rick! Welcome to the new MillarWorld! Please feel free to visit the Pub or Creative while you’re here!

Some years back, not long after the animated Doctor Strange came out, I ordered Kreuger’s Foot Soldiers II and to my surprise amazon sent me a copy of something called - I believe it was the master edition - Black Heart Billy. Very entertaining! Now, there’s a good buddy of mine I had slowly, via Superman I & II and Batman / Batman Returns and moving into Batman (1943 Republic serial) through Ultimates (animated) and into a floppy or two. Couldn’t get him to read more than one issue. So i gave him Black Heart Billy. He took it and went away. Later, he asks me, “So why did you give me this comic? I don’t get it.” Maybe he didn’t get it, but the funny part is he asked me two years later! Now he’s a full cape movie addict, faves being Man of Steel and Avengers.

In light of that, my Q’s!

How was it working with Pat Olliffe? He is a mystery!

What did you think of the Captain America movies, particularly Winter Soldier?

and last for now

What the hell happened with The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle?

:ant: :man_with_gua_pi_mao: :thumbsup:


Hi! As it will be 2am in Asia, I will leave my questions here.

  1. The design of all equipment & ships in LOW are amazing! Do you leave most of these designs to Greg?

  2. Stel is such an optimistic character with many tragic experiences. Readers are basically worry for her. Could you give your readers a glimpse of her future?

  3. Last & most important question, will you be signing at SDCC 2015?



Okay. I am on this Internet with you.

  1. Yes, Greg is the mastermind. A lot of those designs he did before I had a script finished. The helm suit in particular was something he had designed it was so cool we decided to rethink bits of the story to give it a more prominent role. I try to do this and all of my creator-owned books, allowing the story to grow as the artist delivers new designs.

  2. Stel’s optimism will be tested. As will all of ours

  3. I think I’m going to skip San Diego this year. It’s become so overwhelming I always come home and need a week to recover from it.


Welcome to Millarworld, Rick. Hope you enjoy yourself.

Who is your favorite artist you have collaborated with thus far and who would be one/some of your dream artists?

  1. not really. I think most of the time when people hire me they know I’m going to infuse the story with some schlocky B-movie fun. That’s what I enjoy doing and I think it’s why people hire me.

  2. All of my creator-owned books have a general endpoint in mind. The question then becomes how much story transpires between the beginning and that endpoint. And how does that endpoint change by the time I get to it. For Black Science we have 50 issues planned, for Deadly Class we have 32 issues planned to date, and for LOW about the same. The books are incredibly well received and people seem to be enjoying them so if that continues perhaps they could go on longer. It’s a math equation where you add our inspiration and motivation with the amount of people willing to pay the admission price to see how long we keep doing the books. But years more to come for sure.


Hi Rick, and welcome.

What do you think the next big trend in comics is going to be? Any particular genre or story type that will rise in popularity?


Ha! That’s a tricky one. Think generally the collaborations that are most fulfilling to me on my creator-owned projects. when you’re creating a book from the ground up with an artist you have to have a lot of communication and collaboration. Quite often when I start a new book I’m already friends with the artist, but when I am not usually form a friendship fairly quickly. In the very rare cases where we haven’t the books of phone apart. I think the strength of doing creator owned comes from the teams identification and desire to collaborate with each other. and so once a friendship and partnership is formed those tend to be the collaborations I enjoy the most and try to continue. I been working with Jerome Opeña for about 10 years, and there is never any stress in our collaboration. It’s like putting on a pair of jeans with Jerome’s face snuggling my business.

But the same goes for Greg Tocchini, Mateo Scalera, Wes Craig, Tony Moore, Kieron Dwyer, and most recently Sean Murphy. in terms of people that I’ve worked with at Marvel I’ve fit incredibly well with Daniel Acuña, Roland Boschi, Carlos Pacheco, as well as old friends I requested to work with like Phil Noto or Tom Fowler.

…but now I’m suddenly feeling like I’m leaving people out. I’ve had a lot of wonderful collaborations so I guess the short answer is it’s impossible to pick just one.


I had almost forgotten about Tokyo Ghost. When is that slated to be released?


The trend cycle is speeding up. And I’ve got a few ideas about what people are going to latch onto next, but I’m going to keep those ideas in my pocket while I develop them.

But it’s really impossible to know. When we started Fear Agent in 2004 there there was very little science fiction on the stands, and we thought that that was an opening in the marketplace. Plus were just huge fans of the old EC sci-fi and wanted to play in a world like that. But it turned out that science fiction wouldn’t catch on for another five or six years, at which point the Fear Agent trades and hardcovers began selling gangbusters. But producing the series for all of those years before Sci-Fi caught on became pretty difficult.

It was fairly similar in 2000 when I started my horror book Doll and Creature. There wasn’t a lot of horror on the stands. And it was a genre that I wanted to attempt. Within a couple of years Steve Niles and Templesmith, Kirkman and Moore both had huge hits with horror books. I think it was because it was a genre that wasn’t being serviced. So I’m always on the lookout for things that aren’t being done that interest me.


Sounds like it sucks to be too far ahead of the curve.


Sean has finish the first issue and we’re getting up and running on the second this week. The plan is to launch in September.


Wow. That page is awesome. Thank you.