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Wednesday Fan-Chat #7 - Greg Capullo



Don’t say your Uncle Mark doesn’t look after ye.

2pm New York time as always. Sign in now to be sure!





Thanks, Chief. Capullo should be an interesting one. Any chance of working with him in the future?


I just realized that I may be out for this. So I thought I’d leave my question early.

I’ve enjoyed your art for some time, Greg. My first experience with your work was when you took over pencilling duties on X-Force. You then followed that up by taking over Spawn. I think you did a great job on redefining both. What was it like coming into two books that were largely defined by their previous artist? Also, have you thought about what’s next after Batman? Any chance of a Greg Capullo written and drawn book? Who would you like to work with next? I would love to see a Mark Millar book with Greg Capullo art.


Great news, this is gonna be good.


Yay! Greg!

Howdy buddy! We can talk guitars and such! I’d talk motorcycles, but I know absolutely nothing about them. Good to see you here!

See you at NOON Mountain Time Wednesday!

That’s 11 am Pacific, Noon sensible people in Arizona, 1pm for those in Cental Daylight, and 2pm on the Wrong Coast. Mark knows what time it is in Scotland, later in Germany, any yesterday or tomorrow in Australia - I forget which.

By the time you get here, Chief, I’m gonna owe you a whole case!


I may be busy tomorrow so here’s my question:

When drawing Batman, what important qualities should be represented in the character outside of the costume (stance, expression, movements)? Do you do anything to differentiate Batman from Bruce Wayne such as body language?


One Q for you, Chief. If you’re my Uncle Mark, and I’m your Unca Miqque - how did that possibly happen? :sunglasses:



Your designation is Grandpa Miqque.



Don’t believe ‘em Greg! They’re pickin’ on me because they’re out of arm’s length!




Greg, how did the work on album covers come around (I didn’t realise you’d done that until browsing your Wikipedia page a wee while back). Are you a fan of the bands you’ve illustrated for or was it just another gig for pay?


This is Greg. tap tap. Is this thing on?


yes Sir, we are ready!


This is exciting.
I just have a two questions.

I’ve been loving your work on Batman, easily the biggest selling point. Zero Year being a big highlight - what were your favorite pages from that long story-arc?

Also, in designing the new “RABBAT” for the upcoming Batman shake-up, what would you say you drew inspiration from?


When will your contract with DC ends? will you want to work in a creator owned project? for example Millarworld?


When I worked for Todd McFarlane, there are a lot of bands that were into Todd and my work together on Spawn. Todd, being a multi-media company, these bands approached Todd. I was always Todd’s go to guy which worked out well, being he knows nothing about music, and he would call upon me to do these covers. My being a music fan, and in particular heavy music, I love these opportunities. Now that I’m away from Todd, I work directly with the band, most recently Five Finger Death Punch.


My favorite pages, there were so many, but the one that sticks out in my mind, mostly because it was the most painful, was the double page spread when Bruce first sees overgrown Gotham.

Scott kept mentioned Appleseed, so I drew inspiration from that in designing the rabbit, and Scott really wanted tall tall ears. And as a footnote this was pre Chappie.


Hi Greg,
I hope all is well.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the comic book medium.
You are a truly talented gentlemen. An inspiration and a hero.

I read Batman because you draw Batman.
Whatever you have planned beyond DC (I’m not asking btw), I will be there.

Fingers crossed for more Batman Unwrapped volumes of your pencils.
The first sits proudly on my book shelf.

Anyway, I hope you find time to relax soon (my goodness you deserve it).
I found my Soulmate too and also became a Stepdad.
These are the things we live for.
Comics are a bonus.

Thank you for reading this Greg.

Kind regards

Darren (Capullo fan since 96).