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Wednesday Fan-Chat #6 - Duncan Fegredo



Just dropping in to say I’ll be talking live Wednesday, or talking arse at the very least- Obviously this coincides with the release of the MPH trade but it’s open season, all subjects up for grabs… except for anything relating to tardy books, yawn! See you then :smile:


Welcome to Millarworld, Duncan. I’ll look forward to this.


Nice of you to pop in early to say hi, Duncan.

I haven’t made any of the chats yet, but I’m hopeing I will be able to catch this one. Fegredo has been one of my favourite artists for ages (and has worked on some of my favourite books, too).


Looking forward to your visit!


I don’t know if I’ll be able to pop in by on Wednesday night so I’m going to post an early question (one to get you started when the session kicks off!).

I’m most familiar with your work on Hellboy and thinking about that today made me wonder what is more daunting - drawing a “legacy” character like Hellboy with a significant and passionate fanbase or developing your own characters from scratch (ala MPH)? What are the challenges you worry about in that situation and how do you work through them?


Yay. Great news!



Howdy, Duncan! Welcome aboard! Delightful to see someone walk in on their own two feet!

We have rich and varied questions for you!

Such as: Sherlock Holmes or Detective Chimp?


Thanks for the welcome, should be fun :slight_smile:


Sounds like something I might have to prepare a reply for, I don’t type that fast…


Neither, The Scooby Gang with Buffy along for the ride :smile:


Even before the chat - what do you prefer, noble friend? Duncan? Fred? Dunk? I mean, look at the nick I ended up with! Dr. Fegredo? M. Duncan? The Divine Duncan? (Sorry about that one, still got some Stan in me.) Duncan Doom? Duncan "MPH and Others Fegredo? (Ouch on that one.)

Those were suggestions. I know what’s real.

Duncan “There Shall Be Only One!” Fegredo!

Anyway, I have a class first and have to shift some eight feet to be on time for the chat, so wish me luck! :smiley: <- by the way, being an artist and all, is there anything you might be able to do about our host of adopted smilies?

: :dromedary_camel: <- For example, this is “dromedary_camel”. Now, where am I supposed to use an emoticon of a dromedary camel?

This is gonna be fun when the rest of the folks get here!


I think ‘non-potable water’ is the smiley I’ll be using most from now on.


I mean, what?


Just Duncan or I’ll run away in horror… as for emoticons, I can cope with basic smilies and winkies but all picture emoticons are made by satan and his poorer cartoonists… although the camel is cute because I happen to be drawing one now…


where do these strange devices come from? Actually, don’t answer, i’ll never use the, work of the devil etc


I apologize, Duncan. I just realized that I won’t be able to be present for the chat today. I wonder if I could pose my question beforehand. I’ve had limited exposure to your work but really enjoyed MPH. If I was going to read another book with your art, what would you recommend? Thank you.


I’ve also read comparatively little of your work, but from what I have seen - on Kid Eternity, Enigma, Hellboy and MPH - it seems like there’s quite a lot of variation in your style from project to project.

Has this been a natural evolution in your style over time, or is it more a case of consciously altering the way you draw so as best to suit the story? Or maybe a little of both? :smile:


I’m not sure I’ll be available later so here’s my question:

If you were given the opportunity to illustrate a biography of any historical person, who would it be and why?


Out here in Asia I’ll be in bed when this starts so I’ll also post an early question.

Being an old bastard I have followed your work since Fleetway’s Crisis in the late 80s. How easy was it to break in in those days of ever expanding new comics? (I know Ennis and Millar and Sean Phillips started work on the same book at incredibly young ages compared to most today).

Was it difficult when that all died off in the mid 90s on both sides of the pond? I’ve noticed some people from that era in UK comics only really come back into public notice quite recently.


They both present unique challenges. With Hellboy I was and still am a huge fan of both the character and Mike Mignola, I felt I had a lot to live up to. I knew going in that I was likely in for a world of hurt when it came to the existing fan base, and I couldn’t blame them, nobody else should draw Hellboy but Mike! There were differences in storytelling methods to overcome, some obvious but some that only became apparent as we went along, but it got easier, we both adapted.

Style wasn’t such an issue with MPH, Mark was looking for the essence of what I used to do back in my Vertigo days, great, no superhero costumes, baggy jeans and tee shirts again! The great thing about starting a new book is there is no baggage, you travel light… it’s surprising what you can fit into carry on though, there was a lengthy period of character design and it also took a while to nail the way the frozen time effect worked. Those panels turn out to be quite labour intensive but you can’t let it look like that, that takes work.

And that’s it really, it just takes work to get through any issues that arrive, character deign, entire pages hidden away in nonchalant panel descriptions (yes Scottish boy, I’m looking at you), its all grind you have to hide behind the surface of the art!

Still, I got easy compared to Sean Murphy, and he still makes it look easy :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time to answer Duncan.