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Wednesday Fan-Chat #5 - Kelly Sue DeConnick


I bloody love Kelly Sue. Her Cap Marvel was great, but Bitch Planet is one of my favourite books around right now. Can’t wait to see her AMA with you guys. Note: We’re moving these to the slightly earlier time of 2pm New York Time as of this Wednesday and next week giving you a list with the next SIX Wednesday AMAs.

So exciting.


Wednesday Fan Chat #27 - Matteo Scalera

Very cool. I’ve not read many of her books but I like that her voice exists in comics.


Maybe I can talk to her about the Adventures of Superman digital comic thing where she wrote Lois Lane! I loved that one.


I’m not a fan of her Marvel work, but Bitch Planet is some rather fun stuff - should be an interesting Q&A.


That would be 11 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time ! ! !

Which is a little weird. That’s coffee break on the Left Coast, Brunch here, lunch in Chicago and right when the boss is yelling at everybody in New York,

What’s it in Glasgow? 5pm? 6? I need on of those time-zone clocks!

And so do you.


7pm in the UK if my maths is right.


It should be 7, yeah.


If you have a computer there’s one here:

It says to me it’s 12pm in Colorado. 7pm UK.


Same here. Looking at here Wikipedia page I’ve only ever read her Osborn: Evil Incarcerated mini series (which I rather enjoyed). I probably won’t be asking anything but I look forward to seeing what goes down on Wednesday.


I’m really enjoying Bitch Planet, it’s lots of fun.


Great!!! I love her work!


Can’t wait to talk to her. I’ll ask some of the girls on my Facebook and Twitter if they wanna pop over for a chat but I’m mostly followed by dudes. shrug Either way there will be a nice turn-out I’m sure.


I don’t know If I will be available tomorrow at the appointed time so I’m going to leave my question now:

A few year’s back, I heard a female writer comment on Joseph Campbell and the “Hero’s Journey” that in the overwhelming majority of the myths, it was men who undertook the journey of transformation. She asked, “What is the Heroine’s Journey”?

Do you believe there is a separate Heroine’s Journey? If so, what do you see it as? Or is the journey the same regardless of gender?


Okay, that is maybe the best question ever asked on this site.



I suspect someone has hacked Todd’s account because that sounds far too intellectual for him.


I have occasional bouts of sanity. Fortunately, they pass rather quickly.


The timing of these things are no good for the likes of me in Asia so I’ll post an early question or two too.

Were you surprised at how much Pretty Deadly sold from issue one? I think many thought it would do well but not quite that well.

How much of a juggling act is it with Bitch Planet to embrace the exploitation elements of the genre and the feminist message at the same time?


2am, 16 April for me in Singapore :scream:


Okay, I’m here. Reply in this thread?

Thanks for having me, Mark. And for all your kind words and support.


@kellysue KELLY!! Yes this is the thread!! Super excited to chat with you!!

:smiley: <- my face right now

I just read that you’re going to be co-writing CAPTAIN MARVEL & THE CAROL CORPS comic with Kelly Thompson. That is awesome - can you spill any details (or how the co-writing responsibilities are going to be broken up?)