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Wednesday Fan-Chat #4 - Frank Quitely


First we had Sean Murphy. Then we had Gary Whitta. We’ve just had Scott Snyder come and visit! And next Wednesday the new tradition continues with Frank Freaking Quitely stopping by for an hour or so to answer all your questions. Where else can you get to chat directly with the titans of the comic industry?

So prepare your questions and make sure to spread the word. Frank Quitely, April 8th, 5pm Eastern (New York time). Right here in this thread!


Thanks to the Chief and others who are setting these up. I’ll really look forward to this. I can’t wait to read the first issue of Jupiter’s Circle next week too.


I’m delighted!

Now, if I can just mute my fanboy twitching!


BBC Scotland documentary on Frank Quitely, may provide some inspiration for questions.

Look what the Fed Ex guy just delivered...

Great thought, Gar. That was a solid documentary.


I saw that documentary when it first aired. A really interesting watch. Shall watch again for Wednesday if I get a chance.

Breaking: Jupiter's Legacy movie deal announced

Finally a way to tell Mr. Quitely how awesome it’s his work, he doesn´t have twitter, tumblr or facebook, I hope after this fan-chat he will open one


Don’t forget!

3 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time ! ! !


Frank is here in 45 mins. Get your questions ready.

For those who don’t know him, he’s the world famous artist (and now movie producer) behind Jupiter’s Legacy and The Authority with yours truly plus fan-fave runs on All-Star Superman, Batman and X-Men. In other words, he’s rode the coat-tails of me and Grant Morrison for over FIFTEEN YEARS!!!

Be gentle with him. He’s coming up here to do this from my computer so I’ll be hovering about and bringing in tea and stuff.



‘mornin’, Mark.

Thank you for helping M. Quitely with the computer. I have no doubt this will be legendary!

Frank, welcome. Flat out, you’re probably 90% of the folks here Most Favorite Artist (which we also tell Bryan and Sean and anybody else silly enough to slow down around Millar); We love ya! We want signatures on both forearms like Sabrina!

So let me take you to one work I have not read -WE3. To be blunt, I just can’t take any sort of cruelty to critters. Humans? Heck, I’ve been in parts of the human body nobody’s supposed to go! (Psych and trauma nurse for a long time, y’see.) What do you think? Would it freak me? I’m totally cool with the few examples I’ve seen of your anatomical experiments (I dig 'em!) - but it’s the critters.

And that Chris fellow you have at the studio seems a pretty good fellow, Keep him!

And thanks for the avatar!


Hi guys,Frank here. Fire away!


Hi Frank,

Big fan of your work. Hell, you are easily my favourite artist.

As someone who owns several pages of your original artwork, I just wanted to ask if you ever plan on selling anything from WE3 or Pax Americana?

Also, do you have any plans to visit any conventions in the UK this year?


welcome Sir!!!, fianally a way to let you know your work it’s awesome!!!


How many hours a day do you invest illustrating?


Hiya, Frank! How do we know it’s you and not Millar?


No plans for selling we3 yet…

and probably just doing the Glasgow con


Hi Mr. Quitely,

Thank you so much for taking the time out for this Q&A. Being a longtime fan, it’s great to have the opportunity to thank you for your amazing work over the years. So, thank you!
My question is surrounding an oral history book that I have been working on for the last year. It is about WildStorm studios and I would love to be able to interview you about your time on The Authority with Mark as well as being courted to move in-house to California.
Lots of completed interviews and progress since I started can be seen here-

And since you’re there with Mark, the same question to him as well! I have tried reaching out via Twitter but I can only imagine the tons and tons of activity on his feed.

No history of WildStorm would be complete without looking at your incredible run!
I really hope you might be able to fit me in your busy schedules. Thoughts, gentlemen?


Hell yeah - I’d be up for that

I’ll ask Mark when he comes back - he’s making the tea




Of all the work you’ve done, which character or book did you find the most challenging? And why?