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Wednesday Fan Chat #31 - Kaare Andrews


Get ready for another installment of the Millarworld Fan Chat series. This Wednesday, we will welcome Kaare Andrews to an hour long session of fan questions. Kaare’s work has featured across many covers and interiors like Incredible Hulk, Iron Fist, Ultimate X-Men, Hawkeye, Gen13, Wolverine and Amazing Spider-Man. He has really started to make a name for himself as a writer/artist with works like Spider-Man: Reign and Iron Fist: The Living Weapon. His creativity doesn’t stop there but also extends to album artwork as well as directing for music videos and film. Please give him a warm Millarworld welcome. Feel free to leave your questions below beforehand or come back at 2pm NYC (6pm UK) Time on Wednesday to chat live. Leave only questions though. All other posts will vanish. Thank you.

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Kaare, many thanks for making the time to do this Q&A session! It’s much appreciated!!!

I’ve two questions for you:

  1. I see you’ve done a fair few covers in your time. What do you feel are the important elements in putting an effective cover together?

  2. As far as I’m aware I’ve only ever read one issue of your work - the POW camp issue of Wolverine you did with @Mark_Millar - so I was wondering what you’d point someone who is new to your work towards - something that represents you at the “top of your game” as a writer or an artist.


Hi Kaare, I’ve been a fan of yours for quite a while - I first saw your work on some Tangled Web issues and Amazing Spidey covers, then followed you through Spider-Man: Reign, the Millar Wolverine issue and more recently your Iron Fist book.

It strikes me that over the years your work has made use of an incredible variety of styles. How extensive and difficult a process is it for you to decide on a style for each project? And do you feel that there’s any particular quality or aspect of your art that’s always present in your work despite such a wide variety of styles?

Thanks for doing this and keep up the great work!


Hi, Kaare! Welcome to MillarWorld!

Just talk Iron Fist, mmm-kay? Is there a connection with what you have been doing on the title and what NetFlix is up to? What secrets can you reveal?


Hello Kaare,

I remember for your Iron Fist run, a singular image inspired the run. And then when you got to it, the image no longer seemed right for the story.

Did you ever end up drawing it “just because”? Could you possible reveal what it would have been?

Regardless, I loved the run! It’s a great companion to Aja/Brubaker/Fraction run.

Also, Spider-Man: Reign is one of my favorite comics. The whole Dr. Ock “Return the Fires back to Heaven” dialogue still gives me chills.


Hello Sir, you’re so kind to take some time to this chat, here is my question:

What is the most difficult thing about writing and drawing a comic book at the same time?

PS: Love Spider-man Reign


My first time on - and what a treat to partake in an online Q and A with Kaare Andrews!
A couple of quick questions covering a range of topics:

  1. I’ve spoken to you a couple times now about Renato Jones, but never asked what books/movies/media source was the inspiration for the book and character?

  2. Other than practice practice practice, what tools/resources should an aspiring comic artist be taking advantage of to better their quality of work?

  3. What was your first professional work?



Hello Mr. Andrews! (sorry… I’m old school, I don’t use someone’s proper name until they use mine…lol)

I’m a long time fan, following you (quietly) on Facebook and Twitter. I want your career, good sir! :smile:
I’ve just started my process to make short films, and I’m a writer/artist just trying to break in.

You’re one of the few Writer/Artist/Colorist that Marvel has had in quite a long time (Only Frank Miller, and John Byrne come to mind) My question is in two parts:

  1. How do you begin your process, and How long does it normally take you to complete an issue from start to finish?

One last question… In scriptwriting for Film or Comics to start visually, or otherwise?

Thanks for doing this… I’ve really wanted an opportunity to pick your brain. :slight_smile:


Hello! My very first Millarworld chat. We will see how this goes. Pay no attention to the photo of the bastard that shows up in my wiki page. That’s actually Brad Walker. Florida Supercon changed my wiki page for some reason, and put his photo instead of mine. Haven’t figured out how to change it back. But I think it’s pretty funny. Just imagine a slightly shorter, but much better looking Canadian in his place.


Hi Bruce! The most important thing in a cover is to give a reason for a customer to pick it up and look inside. Nothing else matters after that. Your job is to give enough beauty or raise enough questions, to connect to things the customer might love… anything to get them to pick up that book and browse the first few pages. You have to be aware of what the other covers on the racks are doing at any moment and pivot off of that. If every other artist is doing blue covers, you want an orange cover. If everyone is drawing a pin-up style cover, you might want to draw 3 panels of the inside story. Why not? Anything goes. Of course, you need a courageous editor to do “different” and my cover work with Axel Alonso is among my best. We were doing pop culture mash-ups before it was cool— before anyone really. I have very fond memories of my time drawing covers for The Hulk!


Hello Kaare from Toronto - its my first venture into too!


Hopefully, whatever I’m working on at the moment is the best I’ve done yet. The last project was a 12 issue run on Iron Fist: The Living Weapon. I wrote, pencilled, inked, colored, did covers and logo for 12 issues! That was an achievement I’m very proud of— I mean, simply to handle the workload on a monthly book. And no one in the history of Marvel Comics has ever done all those jobs on 12 issues in a row before. No one else probably cares about that statistic— but for me, as a hyper competitive person, it was a big win.


Also, g’morning, Kaare. Sounds strange, but what did you do last night? Me, longest World Series game in history, then Flash and catching up and I need coffee. Thanks for doing this chat!


It can be entirely debilitating, trying to decide how to draw one project. There are two reasons why I’m incredibly jealous of artists that own one style. The first is, from a marketing perspective, it just helps to own a certain look. You know? You create a dependable product that people will know will look a certain way. It’s the safe and smart bet. The other reason is that you don’t have all of these questions that plague the beginning of every project. How am I going to draw this? What new techniques do I want to try? Will I still enjoy drawing in this style a year from now or would this style be better suited on a throw-away one shot or cover? And I have tried… I HAVE REALLY TRIED to draw just one way. Especially while breaking in. But I can’t. I have too many interests, too many passions, too much energy to be shackled to one way of doing things. I want to constantly be learning and experimenting and failing and succeeding. For me, it’s the journey that’s the thing, not the result.

For Spider-Man: REIGN, I actually started drawing the book with the intention of doing a completely CG book with homemade 3D models. But it was a little too ambitious for the times and one man. It really would have taken (even with today’s technology) a team to pull it off. But I was able to create a few pages and they informed the final line drawings and colors of the book.


My pleasure! A nice break from a crazy work week!!


Hi there! Last night was spent trying to survive against a pack of young children hellbent on driving me to insanity. My evenings are pretty much taken up by family life these days-- and I get up super early every morning to try to compensate. I’m NOT a morning person but I’ve learned that if I’m up at 5 AM, my brain thinks it’s just really late and night and I can cope.


I would never have thought of that - the impact of the “business” side on the creative side.


There are no secrets that I can provide you with! :wink: At this stage there is not much known about the Netflix show.

When I first started writing Iron Fist, the Netflix deal wasn’t in place, so I’ve never had to worry about it. I cringe to think what would have happened if the show was announced before I started my book. Nothing kills creativity more than “synergy” and “committees”. Thankfully, my work was it’s own thing and set in stone before anyone could meddle.


Is there a project/book/character that you would LOVE to do but have not yet got the chance to work on? or even working with another creator that you would ABSOLUTELY jump at?


Hey Kaare, Joe Flores, the Chimichanga guy that hounds you a lot! Big fan, honestly more recent of a fan then anything (just got back into comics /art this year). Love your work, you’re one to inspire and encourage me to push in my art , so THANK YOU!

well, I just want to ask, what can we expect from the upcoming Renato Jones: The One %. As far as art style, dark atmosphere, action packed etc. Fill us in. Its only a few more months away but I’m extremely excited on this one! Thanks.