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Wednesday Fan-Chat #3 - Scott Snyder


Next Wednesday, same day as his finale for Batman Eternal.

he’ll be here online doing a reddit-style chat for one hour in this thread. Come along and talk directly to the man who’s full name is SCOTLAND Snyder. Not a lot of people know this.



Looking forward to this - there’s a couple things I’d like to hear him discuss.

This Wednesday Chat is cool. Thanks, Mark! And all those involved!


Yowser! Pulling in the big names!


What’s “Mark Millar”? Chopped liver? Chopped haggis? What?


This is awesome! Can’t wait to see how Eternal wraps up and if it at all ties into that mysterious new Batman #41 Batman.


Only question I got is 'When is the Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder buddy cop movie being released? ’

It’s only a matter of time, people.


Man, I can’t wait to find out what Scott’s favourite Kurt Russell movie is!


I take it you’re a huge Kurt Russell fan. What’s your favorite?


Should I tell someone with the moniker “KandorLives” that I used to go to school with Kurt Russell?
(Different grade, he’s older than me.)


Holy crap. I can’t believe his full name is Scotland.


I can’t believe someone is older than Miqque!


No way! That’s crazy. It’s far cooler than my grandparents knowing Paul McCartney in school.


I like him yeah. Mostly in the John Carpenter movies. My favourite is probably Escape From New York.
I just ask it because on Wednesday evenings (the same time as this chat) I usually meet up with some friends and we watch a Kurt Russell movie. Last week was Soldier, and it was baaaad.

I bet that Scotland Snyder will say The Thing.

What are you watching thread?

I’m confused … was Batman in Escape from New York?


April Fools day is a major holiday in our house (less than X-mas, more than July 4th). So I can’t help but be suspicious the Chief is planning a gag.:smile:


I want to talk to Scott about who, specifically, talked him into Robot Batman. That’s the person I need to have a wee chat with!


Am I blind or is the time not on here?

Is this 5:00pm EST like the last one?


I think that’s the conclusion some others came to elsewhere.



IT’S 3:00 post meridian MOUNTAIN Daylight Time ! ! !

Same time!


I was only wondering what fond you use when you’re writing/typing? :smile: