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Wednesday Fan Chat #29 - Adam Kubert


Every Wednesday on Millarworld, we have a new Fan Chat where we welcome creators from the world of comics and film to chat for an hour in an AMA style format. This week we welcome comic penciller Adam Kubert. Adam is best known for his pencils on Wolverine, Incredible Hulk, Ultimate X-men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine and Avengers vs. X-Men at Marvel along with an excellent run on Action Comics at DC. He even turned his hand to writing for a Sgt. Rock story in DC’s Wednesday Comics that was pencilled by his father, Joe Kubert. When not wowing comic fans with his upcoming pencils on All-New, All-Different Avengers, Adam teaches the next generation of comic creators at the Kubert School in Dover, NJ. Please give Adam a warm Millarworld welcome by leaving your questions in this thread or returning at 2pm NYC (7pm UK) Time on Wednesday, October 14th to chat live. No posts other than questions though, please. Thank you.

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Thanks for taking the time out to do this AMA! It’s much appreciated.

The Kubert name is synonymous with comics - it seems that comics are very much in your blood. Was there ever a time when you weren’t going to work in comics and what would the alternative have been if you had chosen a different career path?


Welcome to Millarworld, Adam, and thank you for joining us for this Fan Chat. I’m a huge fan of your work especially the time you spent on Wolverine, Ultimate X-Men and Action Comics. I do have a question.

Mark is currently accepting submissions in an attempt to discover 6 new writers and 6 new artists to be published in a Millarworld Annual. So we have recently had an influx of aspiring writers and artists. As someone who teaches on this subject at the Kubert School, do you have any tips for creators submitting to this or any other company for work in comics?


Hey there Adam, welcome!

I’m not one for much talk so I’ll get straight to the point.
Betty or Veronica?


What is your favorite Kurt Russell movie?

If you could illustrate the biography of any historical figure, who would it be and why?

What is your favorite Talking Heads song?

I came across some old National Lampoon magazines from the 80s and saw that you illustrated some of the strips. What was it like working for NL back then?


Hi Adam - of the big names from the '90s to today, you and your brother are among the only pencillers to have not really delved into creator-owned work; are there any ideas or designs you’ve stockpiled for when the time is right, or is it just not your thing?


As an artist what do you feel make an effective comic book cover?


Hello Mr. Kubert, it’s an honor to have a chat with you Sir, I grew up with your art, so here are my questions:

1.- How many hours a day you invest drawing and how many teaching?
2.- Did you find diffcult to work in a new Avengers title where all the characters are not as familiar?
3.- You have worked with the best writers in the industry so far, with which another writer you always wanted to work with?
4.- When will you work again with Mr. Millar but in a Millarworld book?


Hi Adam enjoy your work greatly and can’t wait to see more in the very near future!

I have a few questions

1 - Dave Gibbons was a building surveyor and he thought this helped him with structure and perspective later in his art and I know you graduated with a degree in medical illustration so I was wondering if this helped in any way when you came to the wonderful world of comics ?!

2 - What’s your favorite alcoholic drink?

3 - Of all the fantastic work we have all seen you do what are you most proud of or enjoyed the most?

4 - Whats your favorite take out food?

5 - Apart from your own hugely talented family who in comics do you admire or have taken influence / inspiration from?



What is something that writers do in their scripts that you wish they wouldn’t?


First I’d like to say thank you to Mark for asking me to be a part of this chat… Thanks Ronnie for moderating… Now to get to the first question…


Good question Bruce… I’ll tell you, I always love to draw… But I didn’t always know that I wanted to go into comics. I originally went to college for medical illustration… and I have a degree in it. All through school I would constantly draw things out of my head… Not just hearts, livers, kidneys… narrative type illustrations. So after having graduated… I got a job doing medical illustration… And I didn’t like it. So rather than go through a lifetime dealing with doctors… There was this great school in Dover New Jersey that my dad started where the price was right and I thought why fight it… So here I am…


Hey Ronnie… my suggestion for the aspiring artists would be to only submit work that you’re proud of because chances are if you don’t like it they won’t like it. Also don’t pad the submissions just to show absolutely everything you’ve ever done…these are busy people and probably don’t have time for it. Remember… quality over quantity. I’d also suggest to try to gear your samples towards the type of work that that particular publisher produces… That way they can see how you can handle their characters…


Hey TP… Marianne of course :slight_smile:


Hi Todd… so many good ones… hard to decide. I know it’s not a fan favorite… and I can’t remember the name but it’s the one where his wife was abducted from their Jeep and he has to get her back. Also, I just saw him in the furious seven and he looked great… I love Kurt Russell…


Hey Andrew… I’ve definitely got ideas stockpiled and I’m waiting for my deadline window to open… Right now Marvel is keeping me Mighty busy…


Hi Bruce… I would say the best comic book cover is one that causes the reader to pick the book up and want to look at it… whether it’s a cover that directly relates to the story… or an enhanced cover… or an alternate cover… Or a pinup cover… It doesn’t matter. Personally I would prefer the cover had something to do with the interiors… I think that way there’s a little more truth in advertising…


And one more thing Todd… did you know that Walt Disney’s last two Final words that he wrote were “Kurt Russell”??.. And no one knows why…


And the short answers are…

  1. 10 hours drawing to one hour teaching
  2. no
  3. Stephen King
  4. soon I hope


Follow up question, can you think of a time when you read a panel description in a script and thought “well…this might be a disaster” but you actually ended up being really pleased with the result?

What is your favorite part about teaching?