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Wednesday Fan Chat #28 - Dan Didio


Look alive citizens of Millarworld. It’s time for another AMA style Fan Chats. This Wednesday Dan Didio will be joining us for an hour long chat. Dan is the Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment. Before working for DC, he was a freelance writer and story editor on TV shows like ReBoot and War Planets. He has also contributed writing to Wednesday Comics, Weird Western Tales, The Outsiders, OMAC, DC Universe Presents, Phantom Stranger and Infinity Man and the Forever People. So please give Dan a warm welcome by leaving your questions here in this thread or come back at 4pm New York City (9pm United Kingdom) Time and ask your questions live. Questions only please. All other posts will be retconned from existence.

(He’s the guy on the right.)

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Thanks for joining us Dan and welcome to Millarworld. I have a couple of questions.

  1. What is the one comic everyone should be reading?

  2. Mark has recently opened submissions for a Millarworld Annual the will pick 6 new writers and 6 new artists to do 6 different 4-5 page stories in this anthology. So we’ve recently had an influx of aspiring comic creators. What would be your recommendation to them to further their career and what does DC’s submission policy look like?


Thank you for taking the time for questions, Dan.

What is your favorite Kurt Russell movie?

What is your favorite Talking Heads song?

If you could write the illustrated biography of any pre-20th century historical figure, who would it be and why?


Hi Dan, thanks for doing this.

A couple of questions:

  1. Like a lot of people, I’m looking forward to seeing how the third Dark Knight Returns series turns out. Did you approach Frank Miller to do another book in that series, or did he bring the idea to you? I know that Brian Azzarello and a number of other artists are joining in this time around, but do you still feel that it’s Frank Miller’s baby, or more of a joint effort?

  2. I’ve greatly enjoyed the first few issues of Prez and a lot of board members here have been very enthusiastic about Omega Men. Is it difficult to strike a balance between giving books time to build an audience and knowing when to pull the plug on a series that is under-performing? It seems these days that if a book isn’t an instant hit then it’s likely to be earmarked for cancellation sooner rather than later. I think a lot of people were very happy to see Omega Men given a reprieve recently, so I’m guessing there’s a willingness to give books a little more time to find an audience if the reader reaction is strong.


Dan - big fan of OMAC and Infinity Man and the Forever People.
In my opinion they were among the strongest Fourth World works in years.

So, first question, if you and Giffen had the opportunity to write a third Fourth World title…what would be things you would really love to be in it?

Also - Betty or Veronica?

PS - Where can one get that Cheeks the Toy Wonder plush?


Considering the success and popularity of Beast Wars: Transformers, specifically in the way it tied back into the original 80s Transformers series, why were you keen for its sequel, Beast Machines, to disregard it and be continuity free?

Also, do you have any regrets over how Beast Machines, as it ended up, tarnished every character it inherited (save perhaps Cheetor), and in several places undermined the conclusion and legacy of Beast Wars and if so, how did this influence your later editorial work at DC, whose readers are even more fanatical about the integrity of characters being maintained?


I had no idea you were involved in ReBoot! Are you aware ofthe upcoming sequel series? Are you involved or do you have any thoughts on it?


Howdy, Dan! Welcome to our sanctuary.

Where do you live now? Not a street addy (that would be mega-creepy) but East of West Coast? When do you think “the Big Move” will be done?

Cheers! :beers:


Which Marvel character would you like to have in the DCU?

What comic has been the most personally satisfying that you’ve done?

Do you prefer a tight, cohesive continuity that leads to a grand view of the DCU or a looser continuity that allows more creativity?

Is Ronnie tickling you in that pic at the top of the thread?


What aspect of your job has turned out to be more fun than you expected it to be?

What are your hobbies?

What is the one phone call you would absolutely love to receive at work?


What is the proper plural for Batman? Batmen or Batmans?
For example, Bruce and Dick were both Batman in the Justice League. Therefore the JL had a couple of Batmen or Batmans?


What’s up Dan, I have a couple of questions for you.

If you were chosen to have a specific super power, what would it be?

What’s your favorite character in the DCU?

What would be the first thing you tell an aspiring writing when it comes to writing comics ?


What states are Gotham City and Metropolis located in?


Hi Dan

Enjoyed OMAC hugely on my return to being a comic reader and always enjoy hearing what you have to say about comics in general. Quick few questions.

1- What’s a typical working day like for you?

2- Whats your favourite alcoholic drink?!

3- As a big Godzilla fan what of the recent movies do you think has captured the big guy best and has there ever been a comic book take on it that you thought nailed it?

4- Whats your favourite junk food?!

5- Do you still have the poster of ‘Spidey saves the Day’ hanging at home?

All the best for the future in comics and in life !


Hey Dan I just have one question in particular?

Where do you usually try to find new comic creators like writers and artists?


Hi Dan, I can only repeat what everyone else has said and thank you for coming here and answering all of these.

Being co-publisher is obviously a big job. How does your role differ from Jim Lee’s? Do you handle separate areas of the publishing, or is it more like you both do everything together?

Also you should give John Romita a pay rise. His Superman rocks!


Hey Dan!

Dave Baillie here (writer of Red Thorn - out November 18th, everyone!)

I was just wondering where you’d like to see DC in 5 years time. Obviously not asking for publishing plans - just broad strokes and general goals.


Dan just getting his log in details. Apologies, folks. I thought he had these already.



Okay, I’m in, now how does this work. Lol


Dan - I’m super pumped about Dark Knight III. What format should I purchase/read it in, standard comic with mini comic, digital or the Collector’s Edition? I’m strongly leaning toward the Collector’s Edition. :wink: