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Wednesday Fan Chat #25 - Dave Johnson


It’s that time again fellow Millarworlders. This week, our guest for the 25th Wednesday Fan Chat is the remarkable Dave Johnson. Dave is best known for his covers on the likes of 100 Bullets, Batman, Detective Comics, Captain America, Punisher, Deadpool and many more. He even won the 2002 Eisner Award for Best Cover Artist. His team up with our glorious Chief on Superman: Red Son is one of my favorite books of all time. Dave also has the distinction of founding the Drink and Draw Social Club which hosts events where professional artists drink and well… draw. So please regale our kind guest with your questions but nothing more. All other posts will be flushed like last night’s beer. Thank you.

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If you could do a portrait of any historical figure and actually give it to them, who would it be and why?

What is your favorite Kurt Russell movie?

What is the most difficult cover you ever had to produce and why?

What is your favorite Talking Heads song?


Dave, perchance I oversleep and miss, please kind sir who has provided so many wonderful drawings for we unworthy ones over the years. A plea. I tried to draw your Red Son Batman, and got absolutely defeated by the warm fuzzy cap you gave him. It looked like a toddler’s cloud or some drunkard’s notion of fun with a Spirograph. You done good.

Any hints on defeating that handful of sheep? (Note, I’m a writer, not an artist!)


Hello Sir, finally a place to contact you some how to tell you: your art it’s so good!!, well now I have 3 questions:

1.- When will you work again with Mr. Millar in a Millarworld book? not just a cover, a full book.
2.- When you draw Red Son did you get worried about any political controversy about the character?
3.- How long did take you to draw the awesome cover of Dark Knight III The Master Race?


Dave, thanks for taking time to do this Q&A session- it’s much appreciated! I’ll get the grovelling fanboy bit out of the way first by saying you’re one of my favourite cover artists (in fact, the mighty Brian Bolland is the only person who pips you to first place).

To my question, I’ll keep it short. Why covers rather than interior pages?


Follow up Q: What makes an effective cover?

Thanks again!


Hi Dave love your work. A few questions!

1- What’s your favourite piece of work you have done profesionaly , whether it’s a commission or cover anything just what was the piece that pleased you most?

2- What’s your favourite alcoholic beverage?

3- You seem to have a lot of different influences on your style what one would you say is the biggest?

4- What’s your favourite take out food?

2 & 4 are admittedly fillers but I feel they are none the less important!

  1. How did you get into comic
  2. will you ever come to Scotland
  3. how was it to work with mark Millar
  4. any advice for upcoming artist
    5)who were you influence


@Devilpig666 - I’m intrigued by the concept of Drink and Draw? How did the idea come about? What’s your favorite drawing (of your own or someone else’s) to come out of it?


What is your favorite Kurt Russell movie? The Thing. Love the atmosphere.

What is the most difficult cover you ever had to produce and why? There have been many, mainly because I wasn’t into the book, or the story, but I couldn’t back out.

What is your favorite Talking Heads song? I guess 'Burning down the house" T be honest, not that big of a fan.


Welcome to Millarworld, Dave. Thanks for dropping in.


Get some photos reference of those type of hats. Or find cosplayers that have made one to look at.

  1. My days as an interior artist are done. It’s not my strong suit.
  2. I was worried a little bit, but luckily I received no fallout
  3. Honestly, it only took about a day.


I just discovered on Red Son that interior pages weren’t my strong suit. And I enjoyed designing covers a lot more.


One that stands out from all the others on the stands. Something that intrigues, without giving too much of the story away. Strong, bold composition is best.


Dave, who are your artistic influences?

  1. Too hard to say. But I’d say more work as a whole on 100 Bullets did the most for my career.
  2. Hoegraaden
  3. Michael Golden was growing up. Later, poster/pulp cover/advertising artist. My influences are all over the place, and changes every year which is why my stuff is always changing.
  4. One block from my house is a great take-out sushi bar.

  1. I joined a new studio called Gaijin Studios. Had Adam Hughes, Brian Stelfreeze, Cully Hamner, Tony Harris, Joe Phillips, Karl Story and Jason Pearson. I was there for about 2.5 years.
  2. I’ve already been there once. Would love to come back for a show.
  3. Mark was great. Still is.
  4. Draw your ass off, never stop learning, and take advice from any artist that will give it.


D&D came form the desire to hang out with Dan Panosian and Jeff Johnson whom I liked but didn’t know that well. It grew from there. Hard to say what my favorite drawing was, but because of D&D, my style changed because of all the experimentation that happened while drinking.


Awesome. I like good beer but haven’t drawn in a very long and wasn’t great to begin with. Would love to see one of these in action sometime though.