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Wednesday Fan Chat #20 - J.G. Jones


It’s for real this time, Millarworlders. I take great pleasure in introducing the very first Millarworld collaborator and artist, J.G. Jones, and welcoming him back to the board. Along with helping Mark co-create Wanted, J.G. has worked on books like Marvel Boy at Marvel and 52 and Final Crisis at DC. He is currently working with Mark Waid on their creation, Strange Fruit. I had the pleasure of meeting J.G. several years ago at Wizard World Chicago. So I can say with confidence that you are all in for a treat. Please feel free to post questions in this thread before time. All other posts will be banished. Thank you.

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Welcome to Millarworld, Mr Jones!

If you could illustrate the biography of a historical figure, who would it be and why?

Also, what is your favorite Kurt Russell movie?


What was it like to work on a project with the scale and scope of Final Crisis? It looked like it must have been quite a task to juggle such a gigantic cast and such a challenging story, but it produced some beautiful art. I love the iconic covers in particular.


@JGJones - What does it feel like to be in on the ground floor of what would become (and still is becoming) the Millarworld brand? Have you ever considered writing for yourself? Excluding that, is there a possibility of working with Mark again?


Hello Sir, I’m a big fan, so here are my questions:
1.- Will you work again in a Millarworld book? Cause you started the Millarworld era
2.- When you draw Wanted did you thought that the book was too violent to the actual comic book market?
3.- Is is true tour desing of Welsy Gibson it’s based on Eminem?
4.- Strange Fruit book has a lot of controversy around it, is it difficult to work in a project when you know many people will complain about every little thing?


Hey Todd,
I’ll start with the easy question first. Favorite Kurt Russel film would have to be The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, from 1969.
As for a biography of a historical figure, that gets a bit more complicated, because reading history is one of my major interests. I think that the answer would probably be different depending upon when you ask, but one person who leaps to mind would be Genghis Khan. His personal history is fascinating, and, in unleashing his Mongol conquerors on the rest of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, he changed world history over a vast portion of the Old World.
I am also interested in the writer,Giovanni Boccaccio, though his story is much less blood soaked and dramatic. I am currently playing around with writing a graphic novel which features Boccaccio and the writing of the The Decameron.


Thanks, Dave. That was the project that nearly ended me. It was a huge amount of work (over 30 pages of pencils and inks per issue, plus a painted cover and a pencil and ink cover for each issue), but I agreed to take it on because I not only love Grant’s writing, but also because I have always loved Kirby’s Fourth World stuff, which featured pretty prominently in the plot.
I say it nearly did me in because my life had become quite chaotic, at that time, and I was not only dealing with an impending divorce, but was also very ill at the time, though undiagnosed. Eventually, I had to have help to get through the entire project.


Thanks for the answer. It sounds like it was a challenging time but if it’s any consolation, I thought it was fantastic work.


Wow. That was around the time I met you at Wizard World Chicago in the picture above. You mentioned having just moved but you were very pleasant and positive. So I didn’t suspect anything. Do you ever feel like those things show through in your work or is it ever difficult looking back at certain work knowing what was going on while it was happening?


How long is Strange Fruit planned for?


I was lucky to get in “on the ground floor” of the Millarworld Brand, as it were. I had been a fan of Mark’s writing on The Authority, and I believe the first arc of Ultimates was already out. I put some feelers out to Mark through Marvel Editorial, hoping we could do a similar project together.
What Mark proposed, instead, was that we do an independent book with original characters. He had four stories in the works, The Unfunnies, American Jesus, Wanted, and something else that I can’t remember. When I read them all, I knew that Wanted was the roller coaster that I wanted to ride, so I punched my ticket and climbed on board.
As for writing, I am doing that now, and I love it! I am writing Strange Fruit with Mark Waid, based on a concept that I had been tossing around for a while. He’s great to work with, and very smart. I’m learning a lot.
I also wrote a complete graphic novel with another writer pal of mine a few years ago, but the script has been gathering dust, as I’m just too busy to get to it, at the moment. I’m also making plans to revive my old character, Rant, an early vanity project of mine that has been dormant since the 90’s.


I didn’t want to make excuses, Ronnie, so I never said anything in the comic press. I just took my lumps for not completing the project and kept my mouth shut. It was not until I moved to Philadelphia that I was diagnosed with polycythemia vera, and now I have good treatment and great doctors. I hardly ever pass out on my drawing board these days.


Thanks, Dave.


I’m reading Strange Fruit and love the work you put into the pages. Painting the whole story definitely makes it feel special as I go through it.

Are there any other projects you’d want to paint? Is this just a special style saved for special projects?


Wow. You had just moved to Philly when I met you. My wife has MS. So I think people who deal with chronic sometime debilitating disease day in and day out are rock stars.


What do you do to relax and unwind?

When sitting at the drawing board or computer to work, do you listen to music? If so, who and does it vary from project to project?


Hey Dave,
Thanks. Nice to know that I still have a fan or two scattered about out there!

1-I am not sure whether Mark wants me mucking up his books, now that he has managed to jettison me back to mainstream comics. No, I am actually so busy with my own projects, that I don’t see myself having time to work one anything else any time soon. If the right project were to come together, though…(you listening, Mark?)

2-No, it didn’t worry about the violence in the book. I enjoyed the fact that Mark went “all in” on the script, and didn’t compromise. How many times has Batman punched the Joker in the chin and dragged him back to Arkham after he has murdered countless Gothamites with his latest screwball scheme. Mark wrote it more realistically, as if you or I were the protagonist, not some fairy tale Dark Knight. I think that it was one of the things that resonated so strongly with the fans who love WANTED.

3-Mark likes to give his “film castings” in his scripts. So I am pretty sure it was his idea to have Wesley bear a passing resemblance to a certain rap star.

4-I think the less said about the criticism of Strange Fruit, the better, right now. I’m sure I will have plenty to say when it is completed, but if I get myself too worked up and second guess my work based on the criticism of others, I could never finish a project at all. Just keep plowing ahead, for now.


I have been painting covers for years, KL, as you probably know. I just thought that painting this particular project would make it more immersive, so I decided to give it a try. It’s an insane amount of work, and is eating my life, but when it is all done, I think that I will have something to be proud of.


My best to your wife. That’s a tough one. We have MS in the family, and it is such a hard row to hoe. The spouses are usually the rock stars. I certainly could not make it without my lovely wife keeping it all together.


Relax? Hahahaha! My wife would say that I never relax.

I do get away to the shore when I can (though work usually comes with me). I read a lot, when I have time, though it often turns into research for another story I want to write.

For relaxation, I really just like to put down everything and get out of the house. Spend time with family and friends. Travel as much as possible.