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Wednesday Fan-Chat #2 - Gary Whitta


Proper post this time!

How closely do you / are you working with Mark on the Starlight script? Is there any sort of back and forth or are you left to your own devises? Are there any boundaries or guidelines in place?


Mark and I spoke a lot about the story and how I was going to approach the adaptation before I started, so we’re on the same page and I’m pretty self-sufficient now as I work on the first draft. He’s only ever an email or a phone call away if I ever have a question or an idea I want to run by him.


Depends who shoots first :wink:


Who is your favorite character to write in Starlight? who is the hardest to write?


Damn. Young Hans Solo would shoot first but Old Han Solo has had a lot more character development. :wink:


What’s your favourite Kurt Russell movie?


I always prefer to write my own stories, but there are exceptions when it’s something I’d love to work on like Starlight and of course Star Wars. I try to take things one step at a time, but who knows? Mark isn’t showing any signs of running out of great movie ideas any time soon.


Big Trouble in Little China.


I totally agree!!!


Well it’s really Duke’s story and he has been a ton of fun to write. I’m not getting any younger myself - I’m 42, a little younger than Duke but certainly old enough to know I can’t do a lot of the things I did in my 20s. Starlight also has some really delicious villains who are always fun to write.


@gwhitta - What comic/book/film did you read/watch that made you want to write?


42!! you are really young and talented Sir!!


How many hours a day you invest in writing? how is your creative process?


Here’s a short list off the top of my head:

Star Wars
Star Trek
The Hitch-Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy
Time Bandits
The Last Starfighter


I heard you were involved with a live-action Akira at one point? Is there anything you can say about your pitch for Akira? Like you said you prefer working on your own stuff so do you love the source material?


I’ve spoken about it a lot in the past, if you do a Google search you’ll see some detail I went into in a recent interview. I worked on it for a long time with the director Ruairi Robinson (whose new project just got picked up for a movie by producer Simon Kinberg, who’s also producing Starlight - small world!), but it eventually came to nothing. I think WB has had several writers and directors on the project since we left, and nobody has yet been able to crack it.


How many hours a day you invest in writing? how is your creative process?


Ah cool. I’ll search for stuff then. No point in you repeating what you’ve already said. I always thought that it would be a particularly difficult property to adapt. Especially with all of the concerns of a studio breathing down your neck as you write it.


Just in from a very early start night out. quite drunk. is this still going??


I think it’s wrapped up, @Mark_Millar.