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Wednesday Fan Chat #19 - Nicola Scott


Woah! Did you feel that? I think there might have been a ripple in space-time. Something’s changed but I’m not sure what. Well, let me get back to introducing this week’s guest for our hour long fan chat. I’ve heard her Millarworld credentials stretch back even further than mine. She’s most well known for her DC work on Birds of Prey, Earth 2 and Secret Six but I think I’m more excited about her upcoming book at Image, Black Magick. That’s right. This week’s guest is none other than Nicola Scott. Please give her a warm welcome by posting all your questions here. Only questions please. All other posts will be sent to the Phantom Zone.

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First, thank you for getting up so early (4am in Australia) to join us, Nicola. It’s a pleasure to have you. I’m excited to see what you and Greg Rucka have planned for Black Magick. I remember reading interviews where he said you were his prefered pick for continuing Queen & Country. Is that still a possibility too?

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If you could illustrate the biography of a historical figure, who would it be and why?

Also, what is your favorite Kurt Russell movie?


Hello, thank you for doing this chat at early morning, my questions:
1.- What will be your next project? Could it be with Millarworld?
2.- Do you prefer to draw a full monthly comic or graphic novels (OGN)?
3.- How many hours a day you invest in your art?


Hi Nicola,

Did you have any surge of patriotism when you and Tom Taylor did Earth 2 for a short while?

Is that the only ‘all Aussie’ comic DC or Marvel have done?


Australia is known for having some deadly fauna. Have you had any interesting encounters with the native wildlife?


Thanks for coming Nicola, i have loved your work since Halloweenman. I have two pieces of your art up in my room. A Wonder Woman and an Earth 2 print. you are one of my favorite Con artists too because you are so nice and approachable.

Have you thought about working with Kathryn Immonen or Kelly Sue DeConnick? I think you would do well with them. their humor is similar to Gail’s and we all know how well you did with her.


Howdy, Nic! Things are so different now, aren’t they? When you started with Earth 2 the idea of a gay Green Lantern was controversial. Now the whole landscape has radically changed! I have to wonder, does the advancement of society towards acceptance decrease the ‘value’ of certain traits? Now GL is not special due to gay-ness (or however one might phrase that to be not so quite politically incorrect, as if I care) but is special again due to being a Green Lantern. Have you seen changes in the way artists and writers are handling these issues?

It’s so good to see you at MW again!


I’m here! Sorry I’m late, my alarm didn’t go off

Okay, let’s go!


Welcome to Millarworld, Nicola. No worries. Thanks for getting up so early for this.


I doubt it. I think Greg might have to move on without me. But, you never know!

The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More

Whew! :smile:


G’day! Got your coffee?


Hmmm, no idea. Have you heard of a character named Pope Joan? There’s some crazy shit there. Maybe her.

Big Trouble of course!


Are we all sitting quietly?


Nicola! I bought Earth 2 volume 1 a while back, at least a few months ago. I enjoyed it a ton! Any advise for drawing poses(I’m starting to get it, and buildings too) and or female lips? I practice everyday, any good points of reference, website wise? Good places for reference?

  1. No idea but that would be fun
  2. Either or. oGN are new for me.
  3. Around 10 hours everyday.


We did actually. We were very proud! And I’m pretty sure it was the first time there had been an only Aussie Team.


Don’t think so. A few close encounters with giant spiders I’d like to never see again.



Love both writers and it would be a blast to work with either of them. The stuff Kelly Sue is creating at the moment is AMAZING!