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Wednesday Fan-Chat #13 - Bryan Hitch


Did anyone else read that amazing issue of Justice League of America #1 last week? Well, you’re in for a treat. Artist/writer (and Millarworld native), Bryan Hitch, will be here on Wednesday, June 24th at 3pm New York time (8pm UK). Feel free to post any questions you may have in this thread in advance. Questions only though. All other posts will be removed. Thank you.


Hi Bryan. What’s been the best part of working on the new JLA title, and are there any aspects of the book you’ve found challenging?


Also (because I know a few people have asked lately), are you able to update us on Real Heroes? I guess work on JLA will have taken precedence and knocked it off course a little, but I’m hoping it will eventually be finished at some point.


If you could illustrate the biography of any historical figure, who would it be and why?


How did the eight page gatefold splash come about in the final issue of Ultimates 2? Was that you or Mark or a combination? How do you even start putting something like that together? It must be daunting!


Hi Guys, could we change the time up there to 3pm?



Fixed it. Thanks, Chief.


Follow on question in regard to above Ultimates splash. What was Marvel’s reaction to the inclusion of this? Supportive or did you have to fit to get it in?


Hello, When you and Mir. Millar will reveal your secret project with Image Comics?


How many issues will you make for JLA? ( I hope 24 at least)


Does twitter or facebook distract you from your work or the feeedback with fans are something good?


I really liked the first issue of Justice League of America. What will your run on Justice League be like?


I just wanted to say that I loved your Fantastic Four run. The visual overhaul you gave the book (updated costumes, white panel borders, new logo, etc.) was great. I will always love that run. I’m wondering why you (and Millar) never finished that last issue? Was it scheduling/deadline stuff or something else?
I know that it’s none of my business so I understand if you don’t answer. I’m just curious is all.

Oh, and what’s your favourite Kurt Russell movie?

Thanks for all of the enjoyment over the years and good luck with JLA, I enjoyed that first issue quite a bit.


Hi Brian, huge fan and I loved JLA #1. What would be your top 3 tips for a new comic writer? I have just successfully funded through Kickstarter a comic I have written which will be published in Sept. Any advice would be amazing.
Cheers, Jon


Hello Bryan,

Not a question, just wanted to show you how your art is very prominently on display in my family room. The two Authority and one Stormwatch pages were the first pieces of original art I every bought and non-comics people still walk through my house and marvel at how great they look.


That is a really nice way to display those pages.


How did you get started on the JLA title? By that, I mean did DC approached you about and you had the perfect idea for it? Or did you approach DC with your plans for it and they loved it?

If the latter, how long have you been sitting on this idea? Thanks, and I really enjoy the first issue and look forward to more.


@bryanhitch - At one point, you and @Mark_Millar had an epic Superman story planned. Do you think this run on Justice League of America will scratch that itch or do you see yourself coming back to a solo Superman book at some point?


Hello Bryan. You’re best known for doing superhero books. Are there any other genres that you would like to tackle?


Okay Boys and not boys. I’ve wolfed my dinner and, if you can excuse the burping, we’ll be off, shall we?