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Wednesday Fan-Chat #12 - Christopher Mintz-Plasse


Join us for the next in the series of MIllarworld live chats with Red Mist himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, on Thursday, June 18th at 2pm New York time (7pm UK). Please feel free to post any questions you may have in advance in this thread but only questions please. All other posts will be removed. Thank you.

Wednesday Fan Chat #27 - Matteo Scalera

Leaving this question in advance:

Hi Chris, just wondering what it was like making the Far Cry experience videos?
I found them very funny and they actually convinced my mate to buy the game! :video_game:

Also, I have to ask: what’s your favourite Kurt Russell movie?


Hi Chris,

Are you ever going to stop being synonymous with McLovin’? Would you ever want to? :slight_smile:


Hi! Always good to see you as a funny villain in the movie. You made the movie much lighter and entertaining even in the midst of all the violence.
Did you get to keep any of the Red Mist Costume or any movie memorabilia from Kick Ass?
Are you a comic fan as in Kick Ass? If so, what sort of comics do you read?


Chris, what’s your dream role?

What’s next on your plate that you’re most excited about?

If “Mintz-Plasse” was a foodstuff, what would it be made of and what would it taste like?


Hi Chris,

Can you tell us about any roles you might have missed out on? It’s always interesting to hear of movies that could have been quite different with another actor.

And thanks for doing this!


Hi all, Chris is unable to make it at this time so the chat will have to be rescheduled. Thanks to those who asked their questions, I’ll archive this thread so we can re-post them when the chat is on again.


Rescheduling is imminent.

Brace for rescheduling.


I am a big fan of the movies that you are in, And your band is really awesome. My sister and I talk about “Neighbors”,“Role Models” and Kick Ass 1 and 2 everyday. And your dog is beautiful :smile:

  1. What a life quote that you go by?

  2. What would you want to happen in a “Role Models 2” (Sequel)?

  3. I want to become an actress, What are your tips for become a successful actor?

  4. Kick ass 1 and 2 were really good movies. My sister and I were Hit-Girl and Red Mist for a comic-con.
    What is your favorite line from Kick ass 1 And Kick ass 2? And did you actually have to smoke in Kick ass 1?

Sorry for so many questions


Have a good birthday on Saturday. I hope your day is awesome

Thanks :smiley :slight_smile:


Hi Chris,

I’ve really enjoyed your short films and music clips over the last year or so. I totally dig your sense of humor. “You’re So hot” was totally, pants pissingly funny. Do you think you’ll ever do a tie breaker?

Cheers - jill

The clip for “U don’t know” with Alison Wonderland was amazing.


Any desire to take on movie roles behind the camera such as writing, directing or producing? What appeals to you about / turns you off from (delete as appropriate) this?


Hello!, if there will be a Kick-Ass 3 o Hit-Girl movie, will you want to be in it? (I know Red Mist died in Kick-Ass 2, maybe in a flashback)


Millarworld it’s getting a lot of movies made from their comics, do you want to be in any of them? I vote for you to be in Superior or in MPH


Hi Christopher, would you be annoyed that when you were first cast in Kick Ass Millar just referred to you as ‘McLovin’?

My theory is he just wanted to co-opt you into being a fellow Scot. :wink:


I am a big fan of Role Models and I wanted know. What was it like working with Allie Stamler ?


Would you ever want to play a character like Augie again? And what is your Favorite Song , that’s not a pearl Jam songs or anything from bands like that?


Hey thanks so much!! appreciate the support. Wow you asked a lot of questions lemme see here…

  1. much love much respect
    2.I want a straight sequel about dr. ken humble and keep working hard!! don’t be afraid of rejection
    4.Hmmm I haven’t seen either movie in a long time :confused: and it was herbal tobacco I had to smoke!
    5.there is no 5! byeeeeeee


The far cry experience was intense!! We filmed in Thailand, which was beautiful, but no clean water, VERY humid, lots of scary and crazy bugs. One worker got bit by a poisonous bug!! Lots of hard work.

The Thing no QUESTION byeeeeee


Hard question to answer. I owe everything to that role, but it is hard to have people only know you as one role. Double edged sword! But i can’t complain, its lead to too many amazing opportunities byeeeee


Hi Chris, we really enjoyed the “fan films” that were shot for Fright Night since it’s something we do as a family I was curious if you did any of that as a kid.

Hi Chris, I’m Amber. I’m a big fan and I was wondering, what was your initial reaction to being cast as Red Mist instead of Kick-Ass? Do you think the villain role was more fun?