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Wednesday Fan-Chat #11 - Rob Liefeld


3pm NY Time (8pm UK and Ireland) Rob will be joining us for the latest in our series of live chats.

Please feel to post any questions you may have in advance here in this thread, but questions only please, any general banter will be very gently removed and destroyed in a controlled explosion.

Marvel Movie Thread
Marvel Comics: All-New & All-Different

@RobLiefeld - The one-two punch of New Mutants #100 / X-Force #1 is what first got me hooked on comics. I’ve been a huge fan of your work ever since. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you a few times at Wizard World Chicago (see picture below) and enjoyed each experience. I have a couple questions

  1. I’ve read that your original plan for the Cable/Stryfe relationship was for Stryfe to actually be Cable from the future who had since given up on Xavier’s dream and started identifying more with Magneto’s way of thinking. Is that close to the idea you had for him and was that part of your inspiration for The Infinite?

  2. Would you work with Mark Millar again? I loved Youngblood: Bloodsport and would love to see another Liefeld/Millar project in the future.

I’m really looking forward to the Brigade and Extreme Universe relaunch. Thank you for stopping by Millarworld.


Rob, I’ve always enjoyed your art. It always had a manic energy to it. What is your mindset when you sit down at the drawing table? Do you listen to music when you’re drawing?

IIRC, Mark Millar once said that he thought your high energy style would be great for a comic geared for younger children and it would be a great seller. Have you ever considered doing a project geared specifically for a younger audience? Have you thought about doing a children’s book?


Hi Rob! It’s been a looong time since you’ve been by MillarWorld - hope you like the new format.

A rather general question, okay? Mark has long been happy with the creator-owned model. You were in at the beginning. Where do you see the near future of comics publishing going? Less Big Two work-for-hire? Lots of competition among creator-owned titles and companies? Will it settle down into two big camps in the future?



Update, this has been moved to 3pm NY time (8pm UKI), patience padawans.


In case I can’t make it:

Rob, is there any character or franchise today that you’d love to work on?


Hi, Rob. I met you at NC 2011, and I’ve posted on your message board and Facebook group infrequently.

I have a few character ownership questions:

  1. Do you still co-own Overt-Kill, or did Todd McFarlane buy out your stake in that character?

  2. A company called “Little Wolf Productions” is credited as the co-owner of Avengelyne. Is Little Wolf Pro the company of Cathy Christian?

  3. Does Terry Moore still own Lady Coffin?

  4. Does Jo Duffy still own anyone from her run on Glory (like Rumble and Vandal)?

  5. Does Stephen Platt still co-own Crypt?

  6. Does Alan Moore still own Celestine?

  7. Does Chap Yaep still own Dutch?

  8. Does Pat Lee still own Fusion?

  9. Does Marv Wolfman still own L’Xander, the Wheel, the Shape, Radikill, & the Haunt?

  10. Does Marat Mychaels still own Quantum, Birds of Prey, the Factor, & Genocide?

  11. Does Ian Churchill still own the Coven?

And finally,

  1. Is Leanna “Riptide” Creel named after a real person related to Joy?


What have been your thoughts positive or negative on the few relaunches that properties like Glory, Prophet, and Supreme (under Ellis) have had in the recent past? If applicable, what would be your favorite?

Some time ago there were news/rumors about this biopic about the Image founders you were taking the time to hash out a script for. In the wake of movies like Straight Outta Compton being a reality, do you think there will be any forward movement?

And, for fun,
Betty or Veronica?


Couple of questions for you @RobLiefeld.

  1. Have you had any involvement with the development of the Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool movie? Are you happy with what you’ve seen so far?

  2. How did the Levis advert come to be? Not taking the piss or anything with this, I’m genuinely interested.


Hi Rob, how are you feeling about the Deadpool movie at this point? Can you give us any hints of what to expect?


Hi Rob. Wanna invite you to one of the coolest conventions in Europe and would love to find out if you are interested and if yes, how to invite you :slight_smile:


I have to ask:
What’s your favourite Kurt Russell movie?


Hi Rob first off your Starlight #5 cover rocked! Also loved your Lets Talk Comics podcasts . You bigged up Mark when you said how the Ultimates gave you back your Mojo . I was just wondering what (in comics) is making you excited these days ? Also …whats your favourite take out food!!!


Sup Liefeld! Just wondering if you were somehow able to get me into Amazing Comic Con here in Vegas!? I really want to sit in your panel! I’m just a broke kid out here!


Hey Rob, do you have any sketches/designs from the Young Avengers proposal you and Jim Valentino had pitched to Marvel that you can post up? Or from the Alpha Flight/Omega Flight pitch?


Ronnie - thanks for the questions! You have touched on some of the aspects that were part of the original CABLE/STRYFE origin. After the reveal that " Omigosh Stryfe is CABLE!!" I intended to introduce that the Cable that we had known was himself a clone of Stryfe who was Cable gone bad. I really wanted to further the Cable as outsider against all odds theme and ramp it up but Marvel, specifically Bob Harras thought that revealing that Cable was the clone would be harmful to readers connection with him. I disagreed of course but I had created him for Marvel and at that point they made the calls on the character so Stryfe was the twisted clone of Cable instead of Cabke being the pure, rebooted version of his now gone mad persona. In the end, it’s still Clone versus creation so it wasn’t far off. Minor details but could have been great character stuff. Cable haunted by what he might become…

Favourite Comicbook Event or Crossover

Just on for a sec, but that Starlight cover is my favourite of the entire series!!!

Thanks again, big man!

Your pal,


Same here !


Hey Rob! Its jeremy. My question is about WW2/golden age Diehard. The Allies (supreme, glory, super patriot) all have detailed origins and histories while WW2 Diehard is a complete mystery. In YB Strikefile, Glory says that the golden age Diehard died years ago and thats the last thing we really hear about him. What happened to after WW2? I know there was some speculation that Free Agent is the golden age Diehard but I personally do not believe that. Nothing points to that conclusion. The only thing Free Agent said was that the current Diehard has accomplished more than he ever did…meaning he may have been a Diehard unit at some point but not the WW2 era Diehard.


And as to Mark Millar, I probably should finish Youngblood Bloodsport first. But Mark is far and away my favorite writer in the biz and I would love to collaborate with him someday in the future!!!