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Wednesday Fan-Chat #10 - John Romita Jr


2pm New York time.

There is no way I’m not lurking on this one :smile:

Your top 5 comics of the 00s

Hi all, please reserve this thread only for questions directly for Mr Romita Jr until he arrives on Wednesday. This will be 7pm in the UK and Ireland. Thank you.


Okay here are my questions for John as I’ll be in bed probably.

  1. One of my first and favourite comics was your initial run on Uncanny X-Men. At the time most Marvel characters had a regulation pants and shirt combo but UXM really embraced the fashions of the day, big hair, shoulder pads, skinny belts and leg warmers. Was that a conscious move on your part as the young guy trying to mix things up or just reflecting what you saw around you naturally without thinking about it?

  2. You’ve done The Grey Area and Kick-Ass but mostly Marvel (and now DC), do you see more creator owned stuff coming in the future? It seems to be exploding in the last few years with Image.


John, your art has been popular through many decades of changing fashions and trends in the comics industry. What qualities do you think have given it that staying power when other art styles (and artists!) have come and gone?


Also, given that you’ve worked with a lot of the industry’s top writers over the years, is there anyone else that you’d love to have the opportunity to collaborate with in future?


Just posting a bit early as I have a meeting and I’m not 100% on whether I’ll make it back in time, so just in case…

  1. Was just wondering if you could talk a little about your experience as a creator in terms of traditional publishing vs. creator-owned/Kick-Ass? What attracts you to each?

  2. Still in line with the creator-owned thing, how did you find the differences post-publication, through the producing and movie and so on?

Looking into creator-owned stuff at the moment, so very interested in this!


Just a quick question in case I’m not here:

Is Shmuggy and Bimbo still something you want to make?
It sounds fun and I think it would be great to see you do more of what you want to do. I think you’ve earned it :blush:


I’ll be cooking for a family barbeque this afternoon, but will try to pop in between burger flips. :wink:

Question #1 Is there a plan for another Hit-Girl book in the future?
Question #2 WHEN?! :slight_smile:
The Millar/Romita tag team is what brought me back to comics after a 20 year break. :thumbsup:


Incase my memory lets me down, I’ll ask now!:’)

  1. What 2 Marvel characters would you have liked to work on or work more on?
  2. What advice would you give to anyone looking to do comic art?
    Romita Jr. has been my fav since I was little, very excited for this chat!


Other than mark millar and your own comics, what modern books are you reading? and is there any writers that you had a bad experience working with and will never work with again? Lol :slight_smile:


@JohnRomita - Because of when I started reading comics, I became familiar with your work before your father’s. I’m also a Jr. like you. So growing up and still in some circles I was/am known as Little Ronnie or Ronnie Jr. I moved away from my hometown a few years ago and for the first time was just Ronnie to most of the people who know me. I’m curious since you worked in the same industry as your father, was there ever a point where this switch happened for you?


If you could choose any comic book to do the art for that you haven’t already done what would it be?


Hi Mr. Romita. Thank you so much for doing this chat. The Kick-Ass saga has been such an amazing project after so many incredible books you worked on. My affinity for your artwork goes back to two specific projects I read as a kid that I still hold in high regard today and was wondering if you had any fun memories from them. They are- the two issue Cable miniseries that flashes back to Cable’s backstory as a mercenary with the Six Pack while at the same time showing the characters in the modern day and then your launch of Punisher War Zone with the first two arcs being Frank going undercover in the mob as Johnny Tower and then trying to dodge a slew of (pretty well designed and different) bounty hunters once a price is put on his head. Thanks!


Very funny…now I’ve got you looking over my shoulder?
Figuratively of course!


I’m in, I hope.


Welcome to Millarworld, John. Hope you enjoy your stay. Typically we go for about an hour on these AMA’s. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like but don’t feel obligated. We all want to see those sweet John Romita Jr art pages. :wink:


In answering the first question…yes, I was a conscious effort to be different, but it was also because i couldn’t come up with new and unique costume designs…so i tore apart fashion magazines and used them.
I would love to do creator owned projects regularly, and i have several projects with a few writers as possibilities. One in particulate is Shmuggy and Bimbo, with Howard Chaykin…I’ve already begun the art!



I don’t know if i could explain the “staying power” in any credible way, other than to write that i have always had so many competitors to compare to, who are brilliant an arguably better, that it keeps me in a constant state of attempting to improve…i guess!
the other thing is I had a great father to bounce off of artistically…and one other point…I’m greedy!!!

Kidding, a little, on tht last one.


As far as I’m aware you haven’t done any writing and stuck to art duties. Is there a reason for that or is it just a case of you didn’t fancy it?


I have been extremely lucky with the writers i’ve worked with. Mark being the one i want to work with all the time, presently…but thats for another conversation…
…I had a great experience with Frank Miller, on Man Without fear, and would love to work with him again…and then I had a chance to work with Neil Gaiman, which was all that you guys would expect…a privilege and a blast…if he’s watching…“Neil! wake up and call me!”