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Wednesday Fan-Chat #1 - Sean Murphy


Hey all! Thanks for welcoming me into the community!

I’m so thrilled for Chrononauts to finally be available–it’s been a lot of work, but all rewarding now that reviews are starting to come in. Mark’s a total pro and I feel like I’m learning so much from him. And from you all as well as we’re starting to hear more and more feedback.


Wednesday Fan Chat #27 - Matteo Scalera

Welcome to Millarworld, Sean. I’m a huge fan.


Great to be here! Thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard!

When you are not chained to your drawing desk slaving away for a mad Scotsman, what do you enjoy doing?


Welcome to Millarworld, sir!


Hi Sean, the work you’ve done on Chrononauts looks incredible. I’m wishing all the best for you and Mark on this, think it’s going to be a huge hit. The life you’ve put into the main characters is just incredible.


Welcome Sean! I’ve been reading quite a few of your books recently and always enjoy your art.

Looking forward to Chrononauts.


I refuse to be gentle but welcome all-the-same.


Welcome to the board, Sean! I always really enjoy seeing your work so I’m quite excited to read Chrononauts, and anything you may have in the pipeline beyond that.





Welcome. Love your stuff. Storytelling’s is always top notch but really cant wait to hear more about your practical process.


Are we still doing “The Ham!” Thing?
Did that cross over to this new world.


He loves it.


@CHRONOMURPH I’ve always wanted to ask, what draws you to the DeTomaso Pantera? You’ve used it in at least two of your books now. I love the design. It and it’s sister, the Mangusta, are the perfect fusion of Italian design and American muscle. I just hate that they had Italian reliability.


Can’t wait for the chat tomorrow!!


Somebody call Security?

(Don’t worry, Sean. We’ll get you outta here - safely!)



I like to exercise, ride my motorcycle, and listen to documentaries. I love travel as well, but HATE flying because turbulence sucks.


You’re so scandalous! :slight_smile:


So happy someone’s asked me that!

I think 70s car design is my favorite era, and the Pantera is a nice mix of great angles and smooth curves without overdoing it. A lot of modern supercars are so exotic that you don’t know where to look. The Pantera is my favorite because it’s understated and doesn’t look dated.

If this books makes a mint, I’m gonna try and buy one! Don’t tell my wife. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree more. If you get one, can I have a ride? From what I understand, they’re not super hard to find or super expensive. I could be be wrong. They are also suppose to be easy to work on due to the Ford engine. I would just have someone go over the electronics. Supposedly, Elvis put a bullet through the dash of his because he got so frustrated with the starter.

Edit: If you get serious about buying, Hemmings’ classifieds is probably a good place to start. :wink: