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Wednesday Chat with Sean Murphy


Live tonight at 5pm New York time. He’s going to be here and fielding questions about Chrononauts and why he cuts his own hair right here for your pleasure. Sign in ahead of time and make sure you don’t miss.

LOVE this guy. He’s amazing.



Are you trying to make me choose between stopping at my LCS to pick up Chrononauts #1 and being here for this?!? :wink:


I will be here ready with some time charts.


Does Sean know we have our own Sean Murphy?

This could get interesting.


Thanks Mark! I’m here and ready to take questions!!! This is my first time doing this on a forum, so pardon me if I get mixed up at all. #technophobe


I’m the REAL Sean Murphy. He stole it from me. :slight_smile:


Hi Sean, I will start off easy.
Hot Wheels or Matchbox?


Matchbox has the license to a lot of trucks, but Hotwheels has the cool cars. But Hotwheels also makes a lot of BS invented cars that don’t exist. Like shark cars and whatnot.


Welcome! I’ll be getting Chrononauts #1 later today. Comixology has been cool to you guys - lead in the e-mail, centered on the first “New Comics” graphic, things like that. Are you liking this creator-owned gig?


I agree.

Next question.
I will keep it simple. Please do not feel obligated to reply.

I know you recommend David Chelsea’s book on perspective, but I really struggled to understand the later chapters (and decipher his diagrams). Are there any other books that you could recommend on the subject?


I read Chrononauts about 10 minutes ago. I loved it Sean. Thanks for all your hard work and time on this forum. It is appreciated.


Aw, geez. We scared him off.



It is awesome! Counting down to issue 2.


The latter chapters are TOO much for comics, I admit. I liked the book because I could over-learn things, and it gave me a larger toolbox than I needed for comics.

I’m not sure about other books. That one really gave me everything I needed to know, and more.


I’m here! Just skipping around dif topics to get everyone.


Loving it!


No! Stay here, let others come to you! Not kidding - you will get lost in new board!


Thank you Sean.
It was actually your work that made me take an interest in perspective.

The double page spread from Detective Comics 27 (the one with the Ford Falcon) keeps me transfixed for hours.


Sean how many time have you watches Back to the future on doing Chrononauts or Loopers or the old TVs of the 60s or 70s call Time Tunnel. Or was there any other time travel book or media that helped.


My word! Where the heck did you find Time Tunnel? Irwin Allen and even a Catwoman! (Lee Meriweather - the Batman movie.)