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Wednesday Chat - Starlight & Star Wars maestro Gary Whitta!


As you know, we have a live chat with a big nob from the world of comics, TV or movies every week here so readers can ask questions directly and in real time. Last week we had Chrononauts co-creator Sean Murphy. This week it’s the mighty Gary Whitta, fresh off Star Wars and currently hard at work on Millarworld’s Starlight movie adaptation.

These chats always happen at 5pm New York Time on Wednesdays. Mark them in your diaries. We have some amazing ones coming up. Basically, do nothing from now on on Wednesday evenings except this!!



This would be 3 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time.

Had to do it, Mark. Mountain Time is the beaten step-child; nobody ever mentions us. It’s Eastern this and West Coast that, and some Central Time that we up here still have to convert for an hour. It’s annoying!

“Mountain Time.”

C’mon! That sounds great, doesn’t it?


Does anyone really live in Mountain Time? :wink: