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Webcomics - What're you reading?

What webcomics are you reading? Post them here.

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If you’re not reading Yale Stewart’s JL8, you really should be. The latest string of pages have started to introduce Lois Lane.

If you haven’t read it, I recommend starting here.


I didn’t know we were discussing webcomics here.

I recommend The Specialists:

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It’s not ever been made explicit but I think this is definitely the best place to share them, carry on all.


I’ve posted a few but it’s been more the exception rather than the rule. :wink:

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Why not make a webcomics thread? I’d do it but I’m lazy. And I’m on my cell right now.




Webcomics, eh? I happen to read a lot of them!

XKCD - Stickfigure characters discuss science, philosophy, maths, computers and statistics. Hits the balance between complexity and accessiblity perfectly.

The Order of the Stick - more stickfigures. This time, a series that began as a general parody of Dungeons and Dragons, but has become a fantasy epic in its own right - while still parodying RPGs and storytelling tropes.

Love not Found - a SF romance about a young woman who longs for an old-fashioned romance in a future where physical contact is taboo.

Fine, Sometimes Rain - a slice of life drama/romance about a young woman who has an anxiety disorder that gets in the way of her life.

Dresden Codak - Originally an SF comedy that delved deep into science and sometimes philosophy, it’s morphed into more of a philosophical action drama.

Dinosaur Comics - the same panels every day, just the dialogue changes. Always amusing discussions between a trio of dinosaurs, and sometimes God, the Devil and the tiny man who’s about to be squashed.

Alice Grove - a post-apocalyptic action drama about a pair of posthumans who travel to Earth, and encounter an ancient and mysterious woman who may remember the end of the world

Always Human - a SF romance story about two women who fall for each other despite, or perhaps because of their differences. One of them has a genetic disorder which prevents her from using the biotechnological mods that have become prevalent in society, which creates stress in her life and their relationship.

Bob the Angry Flower - often bizarre but always cutting commentary from the titular plant and his friends

Dumbing of Age - a slice of life series from long-term web cartoonist David Willis, recontextualising the casts of his older comics as college students and staff in a more realistic world (which still has a superhero on-campus)

Hark, A Vagrant - literary and historical jokes from the amazing Kate Beaton

Questionable Content - a SF slice of life comic about the circle of friends who work and hang out in a coffee shop. Also, the post-singularity robots who live with them.

Strong Female Protagonist - years after a mysterious incident gives a large number of pubescent teens superpowers, the world’s most prominent superhero has quit to become an activist, go to college and find better ways to effect change in the world instead of punching bad guys.

The Devil’s Panties - an autobiographical comic by Jennie Breeden about clubbing, hanging out with friends, her relationships and eventual marriage, and working the con circuit.

Tillie Walden is a young queer woman who does amazing autobiographical comics about her place in the world and the challenges she faces. Her most recent project is a fantastic SF comic called On a Sunbeam.

NSFW Stuff:

Empowered - Adam Warren has been uploading his sex comedy (except when it isn’t) about a female superhero who’s costume provides an array of powers until it gets damaged, which happens a lot

Oglaf - an incredibly smart comic that skewers the tropes of fantasy and sex.

The Rock Cocks - the exploits of a couple who are a metal band, and have a strong mutual sex drive.


Years ago I was steeped heavily into webcomics. Then PX! went and got printed by Image, and then it stopped getting made at all, and then it got Kickstarted earlier this year, and then they claimed there’d be more. Maybe. Probably. I don’t know. But I’ll never read a webcomic better than that one. You goat a problem with that?

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Two more webcomics I recommend:

Grrl Power

The Uniques

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Two strips from the same Author (and a little help from yours truly).
Altough, They are in Spanish, i belive they are no so hard to read.

Here they Go.

Mirina: Action/Adventure.
Mirina. 1.
or, Facebook

Corre Wachin!: Comedy.

Or Facebook.


private eye



Just for you Guys, because we love you.
Here is Mirina, the strip, in the Bard´s Lenguaje.


Mirina Chapter 1- Page 1

XKCD is my only must-read every morning. It’s taken the place of Dilbert (which I used to read religiously but drifted away from when it just seemed to be regurgitating the same old themes) as the best “this perfectly describes my life” work of fiction.


Just got turned on this:

Seriously, you’re not reading JL8 already? Go here right now.


I like but not for any reason that I could actually articulate. It’s completely stupid, but oddly compelling:


Today’s Dumbing of Age was really good (though it’s a pay off to the last few days and a very long storyline).

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Oh no. :weary:


Forming by Jesse Moynihan (Adventure Time artist)