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Webcomic - The Offices of...


Hey, guys! So I decided since I can’t afford to work with an artist to draw and write a little web comic that’s Flash related so I drew it myself!

It’s called the Offices of The Speed Force and this is the first one I did! It looks a little like a 6 year old drew (maybe because I haven’t drawn a whole lot since then)!

I’m a writer and I’m trying to do something small that could lead to something else (hopefully work with one your talented folk!)

I’d love any feedback I can get!


I really like the concept :slight_smile:

I won’t comment on the art, because it’s still better than I could do…


Hey, thanks! The art is super bad, but I’m trying to find a digital way to do this that’s cost effective. Anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks for reading it though! Super grateful.

You a writer too?


Not a very serious one :slight_smile:

There are a few guys on the forum who have made serious efforts to get their comics published. Have a look around some of the older creative threads and you’ll see a lot of good advice and ideas from them.


Yeah, I’m going to keep on trying to talk to people here! Seems like such an engaging and helpful community!