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We all couldn't be winners but now we can... Let's collaborate!


Hello! Like many of you I became a member of this forum due, in large part, to the Annual issue contest and that got me thinking. Many of us saw this contest as a way for someone to see what we are capable of and we did just that. Now I would like to take it a step further.

Let’s use this opportunity to collaborate and make something great! Between the writers and artists we have here, there is a limitless amount of talent. Why not come together and make something, it costs us nothing but time and effort. Honestly, what do any of us have to lose by making something that’s our own.

For those of you who might be interested in this idea, drop a line in the comments and let’s get this rolling.




That’s a great idea, although I’m not sure if your intention is to use this topic to pair aspiring writers with aspiring artists (or vice-versa) and let them do their own projects, or if you what you want is for all the aspiring creators who connect here to work alongside you on the same project. If it’s the first option, then my name is Andre Mateus and I’m an aspiring comic book writer from Portugal who has managed to publish a few things here and there. I’m always looking for artists to collaborate with, mainly in the sci-fi and fantasy genre. You can see my work here. If it’s the latter, then you might wanna check out this topic.


I am also a writer. I mostly work on short films and such but I’ve spent the last couple years trying to break into comics. I was thinking to pair aspiring artists and writers together to create their own books. I have several stories I’d love to see in print as I’m sure you do as well. I know most comic companies want to see eight completed pages so maybe start there. What do you think?


Yeah, creating a small sample with an artist and submit it to various comic companies over the internet seems like a pretty good plan and, if putting creators together in order to accomplish that is what you want for this topic, I’m all for it!

I’d also suggest you (and everyone else) listed your projects and terms upfront. For me, right now, I’m looking for someone to illustrate (pencil, ink, color and, if possible, letter) a 12-page sample for a sci-fi 32-page one-shot involving time travel. I can’t pay you much of anything right now, but if the project happened to be picked up by a publisher, we’d split everything down the middle, 50-50. Contact me for more details if you’re interested. Again, you can look at some of my work here.

Thanks and good luck finding a partner, everyone!