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Wayne Nichols Selected Artworks - Spidey, Batman, Gotham Girls etc...


Hi guys,

I’m Wayne. Been working as a comic book and storyboard artist for the past 10 years. Wanted to share some of my artwork here.

I registered my interest the other day for working on the Hit-Girl comic. Every man and his dog seems to have expressed interest though so bit of a crap shoot that one… still, would be fantastic to work on it.

Anyway, my most recent published stuff is Orphan Black: Helsinki for IDW. Issue #5 came out this week.
I’m just starting development on my creator owned comic book series Black Sunday and sharing behind the scenes stuff from it on my Patreon -

And if what I’ve shared here isn’t enough. Here’s a link to my website (sorely in need of a rejig…soon!) but with tons of hi-res scans of my artwork -

Hope you like! :slight_smile:


Fantastic work!


I knew you’d be a sucker for the Rocket. The Ghost Rider possessed Wolverine sounds like one of my story ideas from high school.


Anybody who can do the Bat and Dreddy that well is okey-doke by me!


Yeah, but it was the Black Widow and Wolverine image that really stood out to me. It carries so much energy, yet is clean and beautiful to look at. Great background - it’s amazing how many artists ignore the backgrounds, and it really hurts their work.


Thanks guys!

Totally agree Jim about backgrounds and environments being key to producing a convincing scene in a comic or a piece of artwork.
They can be time consuming or kind of a bore to draw compared to the figure work, so I kinda get it when artists get lazy with backgrounds…
I like to consider the environment to be another character in a scene and then draw it with as much personality as the figures.


Great stuff Wayne. I’ll echo the other guys that the Dredd/Batman and Black Widow/Wolverine pieces are particularly striking.

Share some more: :smile:


This panel…

There are no words… :clap:


Ok… what else can I share here.

A double splash I drew for the comic Church of Hell. Written by Alan Grant. Covers by Bisley and Fabry. Dream gig that one!


Spidey pinup. I illustrated the linework and colours on all this stuff I’ve posted thus far. I like to colour my own stuff when I can.


Another splash from Church of Hell

And a few commissions and sketches


Recent sketch cover commission.