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Watchmen Question


As I have discussed elsewhere on the forum I have decided to get involved with the painted stones movement that is currently growing in popularity around the country.
I wanted to create something a bit different and a little more mature so decided to decorate my first stone with The Comedian’s smiley pin from Watchmen.

Now that it is complete and the varnish is drying I am ready to make some more but sticking to the Watchmen theme. The next two are easy, Dr Manhattan’s atom symbol and either a Rorschach blot or the double r symbol that Rorschach signs with.

However I am at a loss as to how I would represent Silk Spectre, Nightowl and Ozymandias in a similar fashion. My googling has turned up a few variations of symbols/logos but there doesn’t seem to be a definite answer probably as it wasn’t referenced within the book.

So… Does anyone know if the three other members of The Watchmen have symbols/logos or if there has been an agreed upon symbol for each subsequently.



Nite Owl.


Silk Spectre




Bill’s in the mail.


The Comedian


Dollar Bill is probably the most difficult. Can’t think of a symbol that would be readily recognizable for a dollar.


Why make stones of the shit characters from Watchmen? Is your completionist gene that strong? :smile:


For Veidt you could use the purple pyramid symbol from the Pyramid Deliveries truck.


Always yes.


Exactly, go all the way and make stones of the shittiest characters in all comics. No half measures in fandom.


Sorry Chris but because of your appropriation of Alan Moore’s great creation against his express wishes I am going to have to boycott your painted stones :angry:


Remove your name from any stones!


I shall !

  • signed, The Unoriginal Poster


This all completely ignores the fact that one of Alan Moore’s biggest successes has been ripping off Victorian stones and doing horrible things with them.


I quite liked this from a cover of the recent Ozymandias books

And the O here which is part of Night Owls belt.