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Washington Post on Jupiter's Legacy by Millar & Quitely


Jupiter’s Legacy gets collected and our naughty new adult superhero series Jupiter’s Circle launches one week from Wednesday. Here’s all the info in the Washington Post to keep you going in the meantime. I have NEVER been happier with anything I’ve done than this project. JC is maybe the best of all my work. Can’t wait to see what you think:


“continued Millar, who dropped out of college for lack of money when his own father died.”

“said Millar, who was a teenager when his own father died.”
-from the article

“Millar’s mother died of a heart attack at age 64, when Millar was 14, and his father died four years later, aged 65.” -Wikipedia.

The two Post quotes are confusing. So, Mark, you were 18 and in your first year of college?

Just curious, as my own father passed when I was 13, much more of a “teenager” than 18, an age when we were both in college. I guess I think of 18 as “adult” since we lowered the age of inclusion (in all but drinking, which just makes so much sense!).