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Was Kick-Ass Really in the ICU the Whole Time?


I was just looking up Millarworld images and ran across this article. I totally missed this theory when the book originally came out. It’s an interesting idea. What do you think?


I think we settled on - no.
Nice reference to the start of the series, but nah.


Was this discussed back when the issue came out? I either missed it or completely forgot.


This article was linked around, yeah.


I thought it was an interesting theory in that it really could link all of Millarworld as Dave’s dreams while he is comatose.


Nah. The link is that all the MW stuff is Millar when he’s comatose.

Scottish pubs are special.


Find me one piece of fiction where there isn’t a fan theory about it all being in the protagonist’s head.


Inside Out?


I’m in a Scottish pub right now and trust me it’s anything but special!


Somebody suggested this to me as the “over-the-rainbow” syndrome. Iron Man is the imaginings of Tony Stark as he lies in the desert from the attack on his convoy, Dr. Banner is dying of radiation poisoning and imagines the entire storyline of the Hulk. It can be applied to a lot of super heroes but I never noticed the details in the comic.


Superman is the dream of a dying baby as his planet explodes? Batman is the flash of hope that crosses a young boy’s mind just before he’s gunned down next to the bodies of his parents?

I quite like this game.


The excessive and intricate imaginings of a test pilot as the failed airplane spirals out of control to the ground two miles below … Wanting there to be Law and Justice in this Universe and all he gets is the Law of Gravity.



Sandman is the dream or dream when he dies … in the end of the …

I’m not doing this right, am I?


Try again, Tim.

Writhing in agony on the floor of the radiation laboratory, young Peter Parker feverdreams an intricately webbed future of many possiblities as only his genius mind could create under the ultimate pressure of the creeping approach of Death itself…


An abused housewife secretly imagines a world where she is a fearless Amazon.


A powerless policeman in a city riddled with crime imagines himself as judge, jury and executioner in a post-apocalyptic police state.


An ageing, childless old man who gets shot by an opportunistic intruder expresses a dying wish that his nerdy nephew will man up and actually start contributing something to society.


A male nurse has a nervous breakdown, takes up environmental activism, and starts to imagine himself the norse god of… oh wait, Millar already did that one.


Guardians of the Galaxy is the dream of a cybernetic space racoon while he’s recovering from an operation to …



Better. Keep trying! :heart:

Drowning because his lighthouse-keeper father is once again not there, a young man delusionally thinks he can command the fish themselves to save him, making him the King Under the Seas…