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Warner Bros bought by AT & T?


Superman has a new master!

What’s our thoughts?



Did you ever see a wee film called The President’s Analyst?

Highly recommended.


For Superman specifically or generally?

From what I’ve read we won’t see a major change right away, but a reshuffle is coming at Warner Bros, the head of the studio is going to step down, new leadership will take effect and they’ll have their own plans for the big, headline properties.

A communications company is about their communications services, and expanding they VOD, streaming etc. to as many people as possible. They’re going to want to use Warner’s IP’s to do that, so the whole DC universe is probably going to be pushing that business now. Warner has been making a lot out of the TV business, so that’s good for AT&T’s future, even thought it’ll take time to work through the existing deals that Warner’s have in place elsewhere.

Warner’s TV shows aren’t going to disappear, and the superhero movies are really just getting started. Nothing here will affect ‘Justice League’ directly for example.

I’m looking forward to more articles in the days and weeks to come.


This is quite an interesting analysis.


I don’t see any immediate changes or impact to DC right away. It will be awhile before the comics publishers will feel anything though depending on how the movies do next year, they could get “touched” a lot sooner.


AT&T And Time Warner Campaign For Their Merger And Fill In Details


The latest cover of Variety;


Reminds me of the time AOL bought Time Warner.


An interesting rumour, even if it seems to be largely based on conjecture:


One for the Hollywood money thread perhaps? Despite it being speculation?