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War For The Planet Of The Apes - SPOILER discussion


This has come out already in some territories and is on the way soon in others, so I thought it might be worth a discussion thread - I know a lot of us have mentioned that we’re planning to see it.

The reviews seem almost universally positive:

Currently 93% on RT.

Looking forward to this one.


But will it better than Escape?


The movie’s out here, but only in 3D for the first four days, because I guess as a throwback to the time-travel elements of the original series it’s coming out simultaneously in the present day and 2012. :roll_eyes:


Yeah, I checked out my local listings earlier today and was pretty irritated about that. I thought we’d got past the days of only 3D screenings being available for certain movies.


I enjoyed it. I liked that they included the bit from the original movie about humans losing the ability to talk. And, of course, Bad Ape was hilarious. Literally everyone in the screening I was in was laughing.

That said, it didn’t really move the whole story of the apocalypse forward much. Humanity is just very slowly declining.

I know they’re trying to avoid the whole nuclear apocalypse part of the story, but that might be the way to go in a fourth movie, to finally put the final nail in humanity’s coffin.

They should have human beings go out with a bang, instead of a whimper.

You know what I’d love to see? They have troops coming down from the North in this movie. I’d love to see a human enclave struggling to hold on in the ruins of New York. The Statue of Liberty is an iconic part of the franchise.

Oh, I did enjoy the ‘donkeys’ in this movie. It felt like a bit of a callback to Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (fourth movie in the original series) where Apes were being used as servants.

So, yeah, overall I thought this was a great movie. But I think any sequel does need to aim to be bigger.


I thought it was okay, but a bit disappointing after the last one.

The CGI is still great, and Serkis gives an excellent lead performance, but there wasn’t much to the story, especially for how long the movie was. And for a movie called “War for the Planet of the Apes,” the opening scene is the only one with apes actually warring.

Harrelson was good, but he was a much weaker villain compared to Koba, and didn’t get a lot to do. His ending was a bit too anticlimactic, after they spent half the movie building him up. I’m sure its on purpose that we spend almost no time with the human characters (they mostly don’t even have names), but it doesn’t really work for me, and just makes them all feel one-dimensional.

The whole thing with the opposing army felt like it was added because they needed more explosions in the climactic sequence; it didn’t add anything to the story, especially as we know nothing about the opposing force, and never even see their faces. Mighty lucky that they attacked at the exact moment the apes were escaping though!

The Apocalypse Now nods didn’t help much, especially after the other ape movie made them all a few months ago.

I also don’t quite see how a desert is such a great location for apes to live. Don’t they need food and water?


How does this compare to Kong: Skull Island? Is that even a fair question?


Just got back from seeing it.

It was okay. Going into it my favorite Apes movies were Planet, Beneath, Escape, and Dawn. This movie didn’t change that. But it was okay.

I love how it brings in a lot more of the series mythology into play. The Alpha-Omega Cult, the devolution, the scarecrows, and the real next generation of civilian apes in Bad Ape. Those flourishes were lovely and as a fan of this franchise I really appreciated how they were woven in and portrayed.

Other than that I think it didn’t quite reach the heights it aspired to. While Caesar’s character arc is still solid, a lot of the events feel too “Point A to B” and by being so perfunctory they lost a lot of what poignancy they could have had. Especially in the middle and the climax. While I like the events in an overall sense of what they culminated in (narrative wise) they didn’t come together as very compelling.

In the words of Steve from Eastbound and Down: “It could have hit a lot harder”. It did hit here and there, but when the swelling score is ever present, the scenes have to match up. Like I said, I think it’s okay. But it could have been great had it been as tight as Dawn.

My favorite aspects in the movie had to be Bad Ape and Caesar’s revelations about sentient dignity being implied to the others but never set down. Leading to what will assuredly still come to pass. I hope they make a fourth, set in the future.

I keep editing this cause my estimation of this movie keeps going down the longer I think about it.


There’s not much in common, it’s just odd they’re both aping (sorry) Vietnam War movies, and Apocalypse Now in particular, and Toby Kebbell briefly being in both.


Is koba in this one too?


Just in dream sequences. He’s very dead.


The dream sequences are probably something that should have happened once and a lot more subtle/toned down if they still wanted it 3 times.

A lot of the problems in this stem from how inadvertently goofy things come off.


Decided to write a fuller, more indepth, review about the problems of the movie on my blog.


Loved this movie. I thought it really set out to achieve excellence in all phases of visual and audio. Lots of memorable shots, some of the best special effects I’ve ever seen, incredible sound effects, great music. And this guy is directing the next BATMAN movie? Oh yeah. There were a few scenes where I was geeking out thinking about what he could do with Batman, particularly the scene where Caeser’s wife and son are killed.

The script was OK, a touch long, a touch bleak, plot wheels get a little wobbly in places, and it’s too emotionally manipulative (a hallmark of all three films of this reboot). The script and plot was definitely sturdy enough to work though, with cool easter eggs, details that set up the world of the 60s/70s films, and a nice balance of big moments and small moments.

It was clearly enough of an Apocalypse Now homage that they didn’t need to have actual graffiti that said “Ape-pocalyse Now.”


Hmm, Gorilla Grodd isn’t a traditional Batman villain, but…


God, this movie was perfect.


It was amazing. Matt Reeves is a genius. This movie cements him as one of the greatest directors working today.

It’s just a ballsy movie, I struggle to believe a studio allowed a director to do this in a blockbuster. I can understand why some people would not like it. It’s not popcorny at all. It’s an epic, dark, bleak as shit, very heavy movie. And it’s slow. And holy crap the atmosphere and cinematography. Those takes of apes riding in the snow and the beach were just glorious.

This one was a perfect bookend but I do wonder if they’ll make a sequel or just leave this be the end of it. I think Reeves won the right to remake the original already. But it’s underperforming so I don’t think a sequel will happen.