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Wanted Fraternity Symbol


Good day. I want to get a tattoo of the Fraternity symbol from the comics, but can not find a clear picture. Does anyone have a good clear picture? Thanks in advance for the help.


Haven’t dug into the books, but found this one on the net:

Will that serve?


Thanks, but that’s the one I have too. I went through the books, and there are a couple of half pictures, and blurry ones. I was just wondering if anyone had something maybe not in the books. I’m going to keep looking. Thanks for the help.


Ah, yeah, I thought that might be the case. Ah well, maybe someone with some kind of special edition of Wanted will be able to help…




You’re not suppose to show that in public. There will be someone knocking on your door shortly. :wink:


Thanks, Johnny! I too was looking, more specifically because i have a friend who’s a tattoo artist, and I know what’s needed to do proper ink. I think.

Don’t know about others, but I’d sure like to see some in-progress shots of this! My artist friend, Jason, has a Morrison Invisibles tattoo of some sort that Morrison liked; so likely you’ll have in Mark will honor!


@Miqque - You realize Johnny’s being factious. That’s the Masonic emblem.


Yeah, I looked real close, didn’t I? I’m up to a quarter cup of coffee. What I meant to burble was this was the level of detail needed in the Fraternity emblem as it was in the Freemason symbol shown. By the level, I am still sleepy today!


I do like that the Fraternity emblem uses different versions of all the same iconography.


That’s what she said!

Or should we have let that die with the old board?


That one never gets old. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Your wife?






I’m pleasantly surprised that after several years there is an interest for the Fraternity crest. I got mine done in 09 If i’m not mistaken and my friend was able to render it for a tattoo.

it’s not the best, but the tattoo artist straighten the lines. if you do decide to get this tattooed let me know!


Thank you so much brother, that is perfect. Once I get the cash and time, it will be done. I’m thinking of some sort of MillarWorld collage, I need Ormon in there somewhere.


Heh. It’s so awesome that this thread gets some closure after one and a half years. Do make sure to post images if and when it’s done, Xana!


I certainly will. Trying to put together the cash and a good cohesive
design with a few of the MillarWorld insignias/images.