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Want to exchange feedback on stories; we critique each other!!!


Hey there.
I’m looking for people to review my comic story and script, before I proceed with the art and final draft too much.

I have two Google Document, one with the story/plan (including characer information as well), and one with the script/final draft.
I do not want to give out the links to the documents to the whole forum, so if you are interested, please message me privately, and I will send you the link or preferrably invite you through email.
With the story plan, I am looking for critique and feedback:

  • Is the plot interesting?

  • Does the plot feel unique?

  • Are the characters interesting?

    With the final draft script, I have finished the first issue, which is quite long compared to the others, and am partly through the second issue. I recommend reading the first sixteen pages which I have already drawn, so you have a better idea of how the story and pacing is translated into images.

  • Is the pacing of the writing well done?

  • Is the dialogue too cheesy/serious e.t.c.

  • Does the story and the writing style interest you?

I am looking to others for critique, because when one writes their own story, they are usually too familiarized with it to critique it properly.