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Wanna see John Cena DRESSED as Superior?


A few things like this popping up online. As ever, am working away in the background as I really want this to happen. I prefer him to any established actor mooted so far…


There is talk all around the world about WWE. The new ownership is a big deal. Nail him down! Cena did say that whatever he does, he will continue in WWE bouts, so offering him a shooting schedule or contract that would fit in with this requirement might help.


Nice. One of my buddies who follows wrestling says this has been all over wrestling news. This could be very cool.


Image wise it’s probably important to remember what his hair looks like grown out, not just in that picture but in real life.

He just looks and feels ridiculously perfect for it!

‘Feels’ metaphorically, I’ve never touched him and nobody can prove I did.


In that shot he looks a heck of a lot like Henry Cavill, particularly around the mouth.


True, but to be fair, even this 2D picture of John Cena has more personality than a real life Henry Cavill.


Aw! I like Henry! I find him quite personable, especially when dealing with kids. He is merely very tight-assed about his career, and never lets himself go.

I’d like to see him go ballistic. That’d be fun!


I have some red kryptonite, we can stick it in his back pocket!! :wink:


I’m all for that!


Somehow I still hadn’t picked up on the link between Superior’s wrestling belt and Cena’s career.
It does sound like a good fit, I’ll admit. I just don’t know if he can act.