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Wanna see Channing Tatum from Kingsman: The Golden Circle?


Right here!!

Trust Vaughn and Goldman. You know you can!


He’s going to make women immaculately conceive in the audience of this, isn’t he?


Otherwise commonly known as The Chief Effect :wink: (except he’s off the market now so that’s not entirely appropriate to say anymore).

Anyway, Taron will be well chuffed if I say Channing kinda looks like him in that photograph.


At a quick glance he reminds me of Christopher Reeve in Superman. I think it’s the hat.


Rather this than the Gambit movie.


Kingsman 2 is filming just up the road from me at the moment. I might try and pop over to get a glimpse if they’re still there when I’m in town later this week.


I can’t wait for this film! Even more so now Channing Tatum is in it too :smiley:


I’ve heard that it’s a night shoot?


It’s gonna be hard to top the 1st one