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Wanna pint of Empress beer?????


Well, now you can. Yes, seriously.

Go to The Lakes comic art festival and enjoy one on me (PS That is pay for it yourself, but THINK of me…)


Where is this comic art festival??? What style of beer is Empress???

Edit: Crap! Those are UK taps. Any chance of getting it in the US?


The on the label may have been a guide as good as the tap style. :wink:


This has swayed me hitting Leeds for the day during Thought Bubble.


On my phone. So I had to zoom in to see that. The tap handle was more readily identifiable once I looked. :wink:


Looks like it’s a hand-pumped real ale too. :wink:


It’s not available at Thoughtbubble. It’s specially brewed and exclusive to


Thank god you corrected me haha. Pays to read these things properly. A lesson learned!


Ronnie, you recognized those as UK taps? This isn’t a thread, it’s an intervention.

I’d still like to try that beer, though.


Hahaha. Only had beer in the UK once on a business trip. They’re quite a bit different than US taps.

I’m really not an alcoholic… :wink:


That’s what they all say.


Anyone heading to Kendal to try the Empress?


It’s a bit to far for me. Though I do hope someone gives it a try and reports back.


Ronnie I will be that man! Book train at end of month and that’s me set for a day out of comics and ale! Only downside is that the place that sells it doesn’t open until 3pm on a Saturday by the looks of it but hoping that changes for the festival.


I will be in your debt. :wink:


Please… It’s a pleasure :grin: :beers: