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Wanna make comics? Required reading...


Hey guys & girls,

I posted this image on twitter this morning & people seemed to like it & some found it useful. So, thought I’d post it here too.

A lot of people have said to me “I wanna make a comic, but I don’t know where to start!”

Learning the majority of the process that are behind making a comic will help you become a better creator…
Even if you just want to write…it’s important to know the other parts of the puzzle…

For example, learning to write descriptive panel descriptions will help you communicate with your artist collaborator better.
And I’m not talking about doing a Alan Moore and writing a full page of text to describe a single panel.
Also, learning the importance of storytelling through colour will help elevate the quality of your comics…you can help give coloursists direction of what you are trying to achieve.
I’ve learnt this recently while trying to teach myself how to colour…it is so important, because until you learn more about it, you just assume all comics are coloured with “local colour”…anyway, I digress.

So get your highlighters out and start reading to make better comics…

Hope It helps…



Another hint that’s useful is to: start creative threads in the correct section of the forum (not the pub) to save me the effort of moving it every time.

I’m not saying the top guys at Marvel and DC have openly said they will employ people that select correctly, just that they will reject those that don’t. :smile:


There are different sections of the forum?!

Huh, who’d have thought it…




I concur with all the selections above and add this piece for the advanced visual narrative studies. A master class from some of the game’s BEST visual storytellers, giving tips and tidbits that would take a career’s worth of time to encounter, let alone incorporate.

Artists on Comic Art
by Mark Salisbury


Comics and Sequential Art by Will Eisner is always on my desk when I’m writing comics. There is some great stuff in there about framing, timing devices etc. And it’s full of Will Eisner comics as well.


My stepdaughter bought me this for my birthday. …its great!


Yeah, I’ve got that too :blush:
It’s on my kindle so couldn’t take a photo :joy: