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Walking Dead TV Thread - everyone has PTSD (Spoilers)


I was watching the show last night and I realized all the main characters in Rick’s group have so much psychological damage they can’t realize when they have found a great place to stay in the zombie apocalypse.They are doomed because anywhere they go they will find fault with other survivors.Thus they will destroy said place and will constantly find themselves wandering in a zombie hell.They are like soldiers back from a war who end up homeless because they can’t deal with the quiet and safety of regular life.The preacher was right they are no longer the good people.


Good point. Noah, the newest member of Rick’s “family” (the TV version) and the one least exposed to the shit they’ve gone through, appears to be the only one willing to think about a long-term future in Alexandria – and look what happened to him!


Rick is completely gone and he is gonna kill that guys wife because he wants her for himself.Darryl is now the most sane person in the group.As dark a character as he is he still has hope.When they were stealing the guns I sensed he really was not down with it.He really wants to give these people a chance Sasha is completely gone.The rest teeter on the edge.


Rick is slowly turning into Shane.

Last weeks “dinner party” episode was probably my favorite so far. It took all those slow, plodding episodes to break them down and show their despair, then juxtaposed with their recent surroundings.


Everyone thinks the drunk doctor is the abuser.

Yet the boy secretly destroyed his mother’s art.

Just suggesting the whole ‘Satan in angel’s clothing’ speech later may have been there for a different reason.

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That kid obviously has behavior problems.Probably adhd and needs a case of ridlin.Which cannot be found in the zombie apocalypse.Unwittingly he is gonna get his dad killed by giving Rick the excuse he needs to do it.And what will happen? Nothing because they hold all the positions of power now.


I told you so.


Should be interesting to see where they go with the finale. This is right around the time I last read one of the comics.

Rick has completely lost his shit and Carol is right there with him (I was getting pretty annoyed with the way she was dealing with that kid). And boy, do I loathe Father whatever his name is. What a completely useless and obnoxious character.


They saved his ass how many times? He is a fake man of God.Who seeks to undermine the people who saved his fake ass.The actor is doing his job well this I know by making me hate him so much.The character the character though.I want him eaten by zombies so bad.Slowly eaten by zombies while his cowardly ass screams for help.I just hate him.The last episode is coming so one of the main group will die.I think I know who from how quiet they’ve been this season.


The spin-off is now called Fear The Walking Dead.

That’s a stupid title.


I will be there I love the zombie genre.They are just making sure fans know there is a connection to the original.Like Marvel having fifty eleven Avengers comics.Television is becoming more and more like comics.Comics are becoming more and more like television.


I can’t get even marginally interested in the spin-off. This despite the fact that I feel this might be The Walking Dead’s strongest season to date. Maybe they’ll have an approach that makes the show worthwhile, but I think it’s something I’m only likely to watch on Netflix if I happen to hear great things about it.


It’s funny to me how comic fans can read five or six spin offs of comics.But tv show spin offs are like blasphemy or something.It’s all the same shite nowadays.


I can’t say I read a lot of spin-off comics either. Hell, I stopped reading the Walking Dead comic years ago. I’ve also enjoyed spin-off TV shows here and there. My statement wasn’t a general condemnation of spin-offs. I just happen to have zero interest in the Walking Dead spin-off. It might turn out to be very good, but all I’m saying is it’s not a show I’m likely to jump on-board with right away.


Just caught the last episode on the weekend - it wasn’t great but it was refreshing to not have it end on a typical perilous cliffhanger (was it season two, with hundreds of walkers storming the farm, and the group splintered in different vehicles headed in different directions?).

There were some particularly frustrating moments, such as the gate guard asking Father Gabriel to close the gate and not even turning around to see if he’d done it properly, and Glenn not just killing his cowardly nemesis (not sure how that guy can be reincorporated into the town - he’s directly responsible for how many deaths (not the least of which being “Everybody Ate Chris”)?), but the opening scene with Morgan was well done, as was Deanna’s final line.

The final scene with Michonne was great too; it just wasn’t right seeing her without her sword.


It would be interesting to see a zombie story set several generations into the future after the big apocalypse. Where people have generally forgotten the world that was and simply live with the zombie threat because they always have. Instead, the more pressing issues are dealing with climate change, water and food shortages and things like the aftermath of multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns.

Also, it would be interesting to see cultural changes like large groups using only sign language and prizing silence in all activities or no one ever facing each other while speaking. Instead, they naturally always look toward each others’ blind spots.

I mean, if I was dealing with slow moving zombies potentially sneaking up on me at any moment, my head would be on a frickin’ swivel every second of the day.


I believe the spin-off is meant to deal with the initial outbreak; which could be an interesting take – kind of a reverse Walking Dead – with humans as a majority and Zombies a bit of a hidden threat,

The Alien approach, perhaps?

Might be kind of hard to take small-dose Zombies seriously after seeing so many dispatched in the parent title.


Yeah, in WALKING DEAD, the zombies are only threatening in a massive group. Maybe you could have someone actively infecting people - a crazy guy who wants to end human civilization.


Small teaser for Fear The Walking Dead.

Not really doing much to build up excitement.


I don’t feel terribly teased.