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Wait what? - Strange/funny things customers have said.


My wife runs a swimming scheme and she recently received a complaint from a parent which centred around the line “Little Timmy* was very upset because he got water on his mouth.” She found it very difficult to give a constructive response to this without it sounding incredibly condescending and sarcastic.

It did get me wondering how many of these strange/funny comments people have come across in their careers from customers or even from colleagues.

My most recent was again linked to swimming, a parent had got a doctor’s note so their daughter didn’t have to swim in our outdoor pool due to a crippling fear of spiders. The wording however referred to the outdoor pool area so I stopped her coming over to the pool at all and then had the parents complain about that, until I pointed out the wording and the fact she was worried about spiders falling on her from the trees. The same trees she would be sitting under while watching the lessons.

*name changed, just in case this was any of you!


There’s a webcomic devoted to this for a comic store called Our Valued Customers. :wink:


I know, just wondered about our own personal experience of similar err… Pearls of Wisdom…


I am technology support and was all through college. One day we got a repair ticket telling us we needed to clean a fridge…


When I worked in frozen food retail, I once had a guy walk into the store, come straight to me while I was filling shelves of breakfast cereal and ask if we sold “unfrozen milk”.
"Well I know you sell frozen food, but I wasn’t sure if you sold unfrozen as well."
I looked at him. Looked at the box of cornflakes in my hands. Looked back at him. "No, sorry, only frozen milk here."
He immediately left.


My mom ran an antiques shop. One day an old woman dragged her pet husband into the shop. She complained loudly to him, finally left saying “Everything here is old!



I just remembered this gem from my days at Toys R Us. A friend and I were taking one of the trolleys of accumulated detritus round for reshelving. We were in the middle of the soft toy aisle when a very serious male customer strode toward us.
Serious Male Customer: Do you have a woody?
My friend and I look at one another slightly shocked but also trying not to laugh.
Me: Excuse me sir?
Serious Male Customer: A woody! Do you have a woody?
Again my friend and I stare blankly while trying not to smirk.
Serious Male Customer (frustrated now): Woody… The Cowboy…
Me: Oh, yes sir, the Disney aisle is the next one on the left.
As soon as he has left we both almost fell to the floor crying with laughter. To this day I don’t know if this was a send up (we had a few) or real and the guy just had no clue of the other meaning of the term Woody.


Where do I begin?
I run a comic shop.
I have been asked for:

Hearing aids, walking sticks, HDMI cables, telephones, do I do a phone recharging service, could I order a taxi.

I have been shouted at only once, amazingly, and that was because the books a customer was collecting changed size, no longer fit on his shelves and “what was I f**king going to do about it”

My all time favourite enquiry?

“I’m looking for a comic - I don’t know who’s in it, who it’s by or what it’s about. Can you help me?”

After the pretty obvious “No” was a quote almost as good:

“I think they wear a cape”