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Vote For The Muppets!


Richard Osman is doing a Twitter World Cup of Christmas Films and it’s down to the semi-finals. Die Hard v Home Alone and Muppets’ Christmas Carol v Elf.

Now, far be it from me to try and influence people’s votes, but you really need to go and vote for the Muppets. I mean, come on, what sort of inhuman monster would vote against Kermit the Frog? He’d vote for you!

Polls close at 5pm GMT.


I’d vote for anything over Elf so The Muppets is a no brainier. I genuinely don’t get the love for that movie.


Me neither. I like Ferrell a lot, but Elf really didn’t work for me at all.

Home Alone is currently just ahead of Die Hard, which is surprising.


I saw the headline and thought…“They did. That’s how Brexit happened.” :wink: :

But obviously this is very different.


If by “different” you mean “worse”, then I agree. I mean look at what’s made it through to the final.