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Voices you hear while reading comics


When I read Black Panther, I hear either Djimon Honsou or James Mathis III (he voiced T’Challa on Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes). Cal Dodd or Steven Blum when I read Wolverine. Sometimes, when I read old Luke Cage comics, I imagine him sounding like Jim Brown. And of course, Kevin Conroy when reading Batman.

Whose voices, if any, do you hear when you read comics?


Never thought about it.
Damn. Now I gotta go read all those comics to find out the answers…


I have to admit not to having thought about it either. I’ve been reading Priest’s Black Panther run recently, and T’Challa doesn’t talk a lot at all. So when he does, it is usually something important.

After the animated series, Clancy Brown’s Lex Luthor voice is stuck in my head. I haven’t read any of the more recent Harley Quinn comics, so am not sure how jarring it would be, but Arleen Sorkin’s voice performance would seem to be the gold standard.


Nick Fury is Kurt Russell. Definitely.


Except when he’s Samuel L Jackson obviously.


Yeah, that Fury is obviously SLJ. :slight_smile:


I don’t tend to think of what the voices sound like as I read, unless there’s a pretty heavy dialect put on the character (I read a Young Justice issue recently set on the planet Myrg, which is like a sci-fi version of 1940s Brooklyn, so obviously they all sounded like Bugs Bunny). I’ll have to try and think about it next time I read something.


Dr Strange has a mid-atlantic accent. Not sure if he’s anyone in particular.

I’ve read the rest of my favourite characters and I’ve realised it’s more tone than actual existing voices. For example, The Vision has a calm voice and while it’s digital it’s not Hal 9000. Red Hood too has a calm voice but it’s tinted with intensity. The Batman has authority and it’s not actually what Bale or Affleck did. It’s just a different voice to Bruce Wayne (which is light-hearted and dopey…unless it’s Bruce Wayne from No-Man’s Land.).


Big Finish Production did some 2000AD Audio dramas a couple of years ago. The Strontium Dog ones are quite funny, but I have trouble reconciling myself to Simon Pegg playing Johnny Alpha.

I have no idea who plays Middenface McNulty, but he’s perfect. And the Gronk.


Definitely Mark Hamill as Joker, Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn, and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as Alfred. Sometimes Kevin Conroy as Batman (depends on the characterization). I can’t think of any others.

It should be obvious how much I love Batman: TAS. :slight_smile:


Sometimes I hear JFK.

He tells me to read faster.


I am quite afraid that Stephen Strange, R’as al Ghul, Sheldon The Utopian and The Beyonder all have my voice.

And sense of humor and such.

It’s really quite irritating.


I’ve heard about this recently, apparently allot of people read with a voice when they read a character.

I thought I was the only one!

If a character had a live action or animated appearance I try to remember their voices when I read the character in print.


Judge Dredd = Clint Eastwood. That’s just obvious though.


Surprisingly I never hear Kevin Conroy when reading Batman. It’s more of a rough
Clint Eastwood voice.


I don’t think I have one unless the dialogue is written with a particular dialect.

When I read Banshee I imagine it is Mark Hall and Lorcan is Black Tom Cassidy. Nightcrawler is Christian. Mark Millar is Moira McTaggart and Tim is Gateway.


I just hear a voice telling me to burn things. But I hear that one a lot the rest of the time.


Peter Parker I hear Sandra Bullock.

Batman is Michael Cera obviously.

Superman is Rupaul. Cap is Obama. Hulk is obviously Michael Pena. Wonder Woman is Gilbert Gottfried.



Mine, I think.


Are you by any chance, reading out loud? Because that would do it.