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Vintage Salinas comic 'Hernan' reworked --


Dear friends!

Out in German comic shops and book stores by christmas will be a revamped version of ‘Hernan’ by José Luis Salinas published by ‘bsv’.

The original comic is from 1937 and was re-published in the nineteenseventies. Five pages were in such a bad shape and thus unprintable. As I am very apt at this I was asked to completely recreate them.

I did new panel grids and word balloons, new translation, restructuring, new digital inks, coloring – and bingo…

See for yourself one of the pages,

regards –


When the publisher asked me to do the job he said: “I want you to pull out all the stops on this one!” – “My pleasure!” I replied – and it was done easy to me by Photoshop. Again, complete restauration of the printed Spanish comics page from the nineteenseventies which was unprintable. New panel borders and word balloons, complete digital ink and coloring – see the appended sample, dear friends.