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Vintage photos of your favourite creators


I love this Twitter page. Just discovered it this morning and spent 20 mins working my way back through them. If you have any old pics of favourite pros maybe stick them here in this thread. It’s somehow never not interesting…



I honestly don’t know if I would have recognised this one:


That was my favourite pic, weirdly enough. Such a great photo!



Yeah, it’s a great pic, partly I think because it’s much more natural and candid than I’m used to seeing him.

(Being coy with who it is in case anyone wants to play guessing games.)


Wow. This is what the internet is for, dammit.


Can’t connect to Twitter right now. Is it Stan Lee?


Yep. :slight_smile:

I first saw it with the caption so I can’t say for sure whether I would have recognised it without.


There were similar pictures in Marvel: The Untold Story if I remember correctly.


I still haven’t got through that!

I’m used to pics of him with the beard when he was older, but not so much when he was younger as he was in that pic. Also, it’s made me realise how little we ever see him not smiling.


Bernie Wrightson and a young Neil Gaiman!


It’s a great book. There’s another picture at the end of him and Jack that looks even less like him.

I think there was a point in time where he started playing the character we know as Stan Lee and this coincides with his larger media visibility.

Saw the picture before I saw your caption. I knew it was Gaiman on the right and guessed Wrightson. I’m on game today.

Are they in Mexico?


The Twitter account Mark linked to suggests it might be from Comic-Con 1991, but I did notice the Spanish-language signs and wonder.


Reminds me a lot of Xander Berkeley:


Ah, that would work too. San Diego has a large enough Mexican community that it would be hard to find a bar that catered primarily to Spanish speaking people.


It’s crazy that Stan Lee was that old in the 1960s, even knowing that he obviously was.

Then again, for a host of reasons age 40-45 looked a lot different then than it does now.


Here he is in the 1940s!


The grandaddies of superhero comics:


The man’s hair was receding even then. In the 1940s.


I really wanted to find Adam Kubert’s appearance on What’s My Line as the youngest professional comic book letterer. I think he was twelve at the time? Can’t find it anywhere!
But stumbled upon this sweet picture of Joe and Andy Kubert.


Sam Kieth!