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Villain pencil spread.

Like most, I finally quit my day job and am officially working on my personal project. Looking for areas to share my work while I produce. Would love to find a good colorist one day. I don’t have my scanner up and running, so here is a quick phone pic.


That’s really cool. Your composition here reminds me of the (3e and later) Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks, in the shots where lots of people and/or monsters were being shown for size comparison. Thanks for sharing, and I’m looking forward to seeing it when (if?) it’s finished.

Thanks! This will be finished and colored. Until I find a colorist I plan on sticking with grey tones and some red to pop with color…to speed up the process. I really want the final comic to be very colorful if possible. Right now I am finally packing and moving. Hopefully in a few weeks I will have my new scanner and an update.

Excellent Pencils, seems really creative to me.

Great stuff, reminds me of chris bachalo on steampunk! Lots of interesting shapes and details!