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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"

Ha! This is the exact same thought process I went thru this morning when I saw it in the sale too! It’s slightly cheap at that price when compared to a pre owned copy but I figured holding out for a GOTY edition later. I am tempted by Red Dead Redemption 2 though.

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How much is that on for? It seems to be holding its value pretty well so if it’s on for a decent price then probably worth grabbing. It’s definitely value for money in terms of play time.

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£27.99. For the vanilla, no dlc version. I think it comes with a fancy steel box cover. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen pre owned copies for £25.

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That’s not too bad I think.

But does it come with a replica pair o’ horse balls?

There’s nothing in the product description so… Maybe?

Anyway, ended up passing on RDR2 and went for Witcher 3 GOTY edition for £13. From what I’ve read on here I should get my money’s worth from that!



You will. Oh, you will.

Just… er… make sure the littl’ un’s in bed before you do.

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Aye, I’ve learned that lesson already. Some games are only allowed to be played after her bedtime nowadays. The tipping point was Wolfenstein 2 (New Colossus). “Daddy. Why are the man’s hands red?”

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Ha! When my daughter got up from bed late one evening and found me playing God of War we had some interesting discussions.


I spent a couple of quid buying the Goat Simulator game to give us an opportunity to push buttons on the controller together and for it to have no real consequence (ie. It doesn’t fuck up my save files on my own games). The kid (Ha! ‘Kid’!) loves it, though it has encouraged her to run about baa-ing and licking people.

I finished Stick of Truth tonight. It’s a fun but flawed game. I hit the level cap long before the end, which is weird. Actually, even having a level cap is pretty weird. I certainly wasn’t expecting one. I also got easily the best weapons in the game about 2/3 way in, which made it considerably easier (not that it’s too hard anyway).

I love that, in keeping with its depictions on the show, Canada is ribbed by appearing as a 2D pixel art RPG.

I’s forgotten about the censorship furore. In truth, I think the censor screens are actually funnier than the excised sections would have been and while I’m against the censorship in principle, the game is pretty fucking gross at times. I’m amazed at some of the stuff that was left in frankly.

Also, I missed one Chinpokomon collectable in the last quest and can’t go back to get it, which means I can’t get the full set of them and therefore can’t get the full set of friends (because one is earned from getting all the chinpokomon). That’s annoying.