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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I loved my SP back in the day, but found it quite disappointing when I dug it out a little while back. Small, oddly wavy quality to the front light and clacky buttons (plus the battery’s shot on mine). I much prefer the original model GBA (even before I put a backlit screen in it, in the right light conditions).


While it is that Assassin’s Creed Syndicate suffers due to the progression made in Origins, Black Flag suffers even more so!

I did a couple of the main campaign sequences and … well, it’s awful. These sequences have you doing ship stealth sections, where you cannot be detected or get too far from the target, while avoiding ships. It is total arse. One of these then followed this up with a sequence of time limit chase, with no detection, then ‘follow and eavesdrop’ - both are the polar opposite of fun.

The end of one mission saw me having to sink 8 ships - it was a very fun massacre, but what I had to do to get that point wasn’t fun.

The other problem is the way the game continually nerfs Kenway - he doesn’t have a sneak mode, it only activates in bushes and it’s the same with other abilities. You can only assassinate when the game lets you. Or indeed climb the permitted route. If it took off these restraints, the game would be far better but the combat system would remain hazy, ambiguous crap.

It still looks good, sailing and attacking boats can be fun, but they even screwed that with sea ‘restricted area’ bollocks. Maybe they finally get this right in Odyssey?


I always thought the original Crackdown was under-appreciated - even though it’s not based on a superhero property when I played it it was the best at capturing the superhero experience in a game up to that point (PS4 Spiderman probably has it beat now).

Last weekend I popped into EB and picked up last year’s FIFA for $12 and Farcry4 for $4. I loved Farcry3, one of the rare games I played through more than once and so far 4 hasn’t disappointed; it’s largely identical in gameplay but set in a new landscape. Loving it.


We saw the latest How to train your dragon film at the cinema earlier.

The youngest said his favourite bit was the wing suits so we have loaded up Steep.

We are now each taking it in turns to wing suit from a suitably precarious point on the map with aim of gliding under one of the bridges in the game.

It isn’t often we play games as a family like this but Steep just lends itself to this challenge setting style of casual play.


I’ve this suspicion kids are probably better with the wingsuits than adults - true?


Youngest hadn’t quite got the dexterity/ coordination yet, eldest just goes as high as possible. That is why I added the bridge challenge in.


I think I’m sort of getting close to the end of RDR2. I was going to play odyssey next, but now I’m thinking of playing something further removed, i.e. not open world. Maybe Wolfenstein II…has anyone here played that one?


Try the first Wolfenstein and see how you get on, it should be cheap.

Though, if you’re after a balls-to-the-wall insane shooter, there’s only one real contender…


The 2016 reinvention / homage really lives up to its rep!


I played the first Wolfenstein and liked it. But Doom was another I was considering, and you’ve probably sold me on that. Thanks for the recommendation.


Couple of games completed recently. Watchdogs 2 was a lot of fun, though there wasn’t a lot to do once I’d completed the storyline as I’d spent too much time fannying about with side missions rather than progressing the story. Played through Stacking - an Xbox 360 Arcade game by Tim Schafer - which was a lot of fun. I loved that multiple solutions existed for all the puzzles and that it gave you an incentive o keep playing once the game was over.

I’ve now moved on to Assassins Creed Origins on the Xbox One and Link’s Awakening on the Gameboy (after seeing the remake trailer for a it). Also ordered a preowned copy of Mario Picros for the Gameboy as I didn’t have it back in the day and I enjoy those puzzles on the ipad.


Doom 2016 is excellent. I’d second the recommendation for it. There’s also the Wolfenstein prequel (Old Blood or something like that) which is a short, standalone campaign of you want a short Wolfenstein experience.


Except that Wolfenstein prequel has an awful stealth section early on.

This is going to occupy you for quite some time!


I’d third it.


What I like about Doom is just about every other FPS has you moving carefully from cover to cover lest accurate enemy AI shoot yer head off with ease.

Not Doom.

Doom kicks the door down, yells ‘come get some, fuckers’, pulls out a shotgun to blow the balls off a demon while ripping another’s head off and then keeps going, getting more insane as it goes on… You’ve been ambushed by a big fucker twice your size? You got that chainsaw fueled up, right?


Okay I think I’ll get Doom. Unfortunately it turns out I’m only at something like 62% complete RDR2. This game is taking me forever. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not great either.


Yeah, I don’t really like stealth games (I’m sure it’s nothing to do with me generally being terrible at them), so Doom 2016 was a real breath of fresh air for me.


If you never got on too well with Assassin’s Creed due to its stealth aspects, you should give Origins a try as it changes a huge amount about the series - in my view, for the better.

I did do quite a bit of stealth in that, but it’s very different to previous games - the best way I can put it is it’s far more trusting of the player.


I felt that way too, but I used to it, while playing SC: Chaos Theory. And man, I lost my nerves there, but kept going. On the other hand, Manhunt is the game I love for pure simplicity in its stealth execution (no relating to hunter executions).


Assassin’s Creed Black FlagSequence 4 … Yes, that sequence.

This section of the game, like the stealth ship missions that made up part of the prior sequence, is infamous and for good reason.

It starts off OK, sailing to the new destination involves a good deal of cunning in how you get through the restricted areas and evade combat with some very hefty ships. But once you get there…

You get a super stealth mission - no kills, no detection - which counts even if you somehow manage to kill whoever spots you. The game does a piss poor job of saying why these restrictions exist. What follows is an exercise in tedium, combined with a lack of clarity over what you can / can’t climb or otherwise interact with. It is a mission of total arse - I have no doubt it absolutely killed the game for a good few people. It also shows up the flaws in controls, like how the knock-out / assassinate prompt is only active when the game says it is. Similarly, if the game wants assassins to be able to see Kenway when he’s in full cover mode, it will grant that ability.

What follows is an almost as awful follow mission, topped off with a puzzle of complete arse.

Fortunately, the mission after that is smarter, as you’re rescuing prisoners but have access to a blowpipe with sleep and berserk darts. Now these were fun! The one flaw is you can have no more than 5 prisoners die. Why? Because the game says so.

Oh and if you end up tangling with hostile wildlife you get a QTE of death - which is every bit as rubbish as it sounds.

What followed this was a remarkable recovery, as I set sail for Nassau, hit a few ships on the way, went through a few restricted areas, including one guarded by a fortress and dropped in on the plantation I did that awful ship stealth / eavesdropping mission on. With the new tools it was far more fun - I went through there, killed a load of guards, freed some prisoners, hit the warehouse. Then, just before Nassau, I ended up having a titanic scrap with a Brigadier and 3-4 gunboats… Which was quite fun.


Pshh… I still need to play AC3… I never got around to buy it and when I was going to those Ubisoft assholes doubled the price in my region out of nowhere, and there’s almost never any good discounts on Steam anymore because of the whole Uplay thing… so at this point… =/

But I’d still like to end up the OG trilogy with Desmond, and I ain’t touching any more AC. There’s too much of it…

Oh I did buy the three small 2.5D games, I did like those quite a bit… reminded me of Prince of Persia.

Also, someone should re-do a cool Prince of Persia in that same kind of 2.5D fashion.