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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"





There’s no need for this. It feels rude and antognising for the sake of it.

Robert had brought up a question about the kids and the conversation went in the direction it did.
And it had already ended.

What does it matter what thread it’s in, there’s about 5 posts on the subject and Parker and I moved on.

I’m not asking you to respect my opinion, never mind agree - but if don’t agree you could easily scroll past the posts without making the cheeky comment.

I hope this doesn’t illicit another confrontation between us both and I don’t want to go down that road again, but you make me feel like a dick when you post shit like that in that dismissive tone and I don’t like the way it makes me feel.


I wouldn’t say “shouting at clouds” either, finding a balance with all of this stuff is a pretty major ongoing concerns for parents in 2019. I have IRL conversations about this all the time.


And it likely goes wider to social media in general, right? As kids are going to want a smartphone, which opens a host of doors to terrify a parent.


I have to say that even though I don’t agree it’s a negative thing for kids, I do think the conversation is a fair one, there’s been times I questioned myself for gaming too much so it’s a natural one.

Too much of anything is bad, balance is important so where else on here can we really talk about that sort of thing. I’m not really aiming to change anyone’s mind, but I do feel I can ease people’s worries a bit with what I’ve noticed as, not being a parent but being around younger people and kids I’m related to or kids of friends, I have a view that’s of a neutral position. I hope I alleviated a wee bit of the worry, at least.


One thing about smartphones and tablets is the great parenting apps where they can shut down after a certain amount of hours and only unlock certain apps like YouTube after using learning apps. I think social media does have a lower age limit but obviously it’s not enforced massively.

However I think kids are now starting to stay away from Facebook and Twitter and keeping to Instagram because they are deciding themselves they don’t want the likes/favourites or bullying culture in their lives. Snapchat doesn’t have that culture and that’s why they love it. Kids growing up with these things are becoming smarter at using them and while we hear about horror stories of bullying, that seems to be dying down somewhat and it’s adults being horrendous to others online. Again, like gaming, kids are learning to keep their friends groups online like the ones in real life, trustworthy.

However, most parents I know use social media and are really tight on the age they are allowed to be on various socials so the peer pressure won’t be as high as gaming or whatsapp groups.


I resemble that remark!



Killing my beer sales but cocaine is as popular as ever and it’s an all-ages goto in Scotland in my pubs.
Huuuuuge problem that more than often public and are turning a blind eye.


Kiwis and the Welsh don’t count in that description as rugby is a universal game across the classes. :smile:


Only aimed at Scottish, just to be clear!


But with a suspicious increase in the rate of increase in the late 90s. When did stay-at-home gaming take off?



I played some dominoes in Red Dead Redemption 2. It was fun. Never really known the rules for dominoes before.


That’s shocking. Didn’t you spend your teenage years healthily playing dominos in the pub every night like the rest of us did back in the good old days?


I was never cool enough to get into those high-stakes, underground dominoes games that moved around the area like a wisp of smoke.


Worth noting that there’s been a huge increase of suger added to food over the decades, which obviously doesn’t help.

But the stay-at-home gaming started about a good decade ago, in full force.


Yes, I’m not clear on the timeline for when sugar-with-everything became the norm, but I can believe it was mid/late 90s.


Sugar. Availability of cheaper than ever fast food. Gaming might be a part of it - but for older people surely “binge-watching” is just as prevalent.

I spent about 8 hours playing today (it’s a public holiday Monday here), wife did the same (we got her a new laptop yesterday; she loves her Sims) while listening to a radio show.

There are plenty of times where we might have instead spent the same amount of time watching a few episodes of a show or just tooling around online - none of that involves moving very much.

As someone with small children as neighbours I’m not gonna be down on kids staying inside all day - I’m temped to give the mob next door my old console if it means I don’t have to hear them bouncing basketballs and yelling outside.


I got Mortal Kombat XL for my birthday last week. I’m still deep in Red Dead Redemption 2, so I’ve only had a quick go on it, but enough to know that I want to get an alternate controller to use for it (I like the Dualshock 4 well enough, but I don’t think the d-pad is accurate enough for a fighter and I worry about ruining the triggers).
Looking around, a fightpads start around £35, which isn’t too bad, I guess (depends on the quality, which is hard to tell). I have a decent MadCatz SFIV fightpad that I really get on with already, it’s just an Xbox 360 one. I tried plugging it straight into the PS4, but of course it doesn’t work. So I thought to look around for an adapter. And there is one, just a USB converter thing that sounds perfect. Except, it’s also about £35. :man_shrugging:
So, any recommendations for a PS4 fightpad? I’d go for MadCatz again, but they’re not the same company they were and I’ve heard rumblings about QC issues on some of the pads.


Last time I touched an arcade stick was like… decades ago… I do all my fighting game playing on PC with a keyboard, so I can’t really help you… however, NRS are quite good with controls, so the D-pad should be good enough.

Injustice 2 plays like a dream on a keyboard, btw, so I’m assuming the newer MK games are also programmed the same way and use a similar moving system.