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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


To my surprise, in Assassin’s Creed Origins tonight the last of the Phylakes died. I initially avoided him, but the second time he showed up there were 8-9 rebels in the area - stuff it, let’s try and take the bastard out. I did a few hit and runs while the Rebs engaged him, he took out my mount, but by then was down 75%. For the remaining 25% it was a couple of hits combined with bleed.

Then to add to excellence, I did a Reda quest that gave me a top-notch Legendary shield! And it was a ‘gather materials’ quest - due to knocking over numerous convoys, I have loads so it was seconds to complete it.

And the reward for killing all 10 Phylakes, a Legendary outfit - the Black Hood. It’s basically your top-notch assassin outfit you get, like doing the tombs in Brotherhood.

Also took out 3-4 small military camps.

Really good to have taken the Phylakes because it means exploring the remaining regions will be far more fun - I’m not a fan of super enemies in this type of game.


Came across the first major disappointment of AC Origins - the desert sections in the south of the map. I had thought Black Desert was sparesly populated in terms of locations, but it had three! That’s more than the other desert regions. What irks about is they set these high levels on them, so suggesting there is something there but it turns out to be mostly nothing!

The regions also fall into one of the greatest sins an open world game can commit - slinging in a big empty area of nothin’… just because.

Still, the south is done, time to head north and hopefully that’ll be more fun.



I’m late to the conversation and just replying to your post as one of many on the subject

If kids want to hang out I think that as parents, and society in general, need to make the effort to encourage them to hang out in person

There’s loads of of scientific research about this, but human interaction is important for us - we are evolved to spend time in groups, and we all need human touch and also have some sort of relationship to nature and the world around us

I’ve no doubt that the more isolated we become as human beings the more at risk we are for depression and anxiety related issues

Kids need to encouraged to get outdoors and live in the real world as much as possible for sake of their own current and future mental and physical health and relation tonthe world around them

Fortnite is a fucking horrible trend


Quite a bit of completion in AC Origins today:

  • The map is now all clear, though the last region was a bit sparse.
  • On the other hand it enabled me to complete the Bayek’s Promise quest and, in turn, complete all the tombs and nab an interesting armour set.
  • Did all the hermit locations as well.
  • Have nabbed all 58 of the original game viewpoints and I don’t think a single question mark remains.
  • There are a number of incomplete locations in the North-West that I’m working my way through.

Bringing in Roman locations - and enemies - has made for a refreshing change of pace. Done a couple of top-level Roman forts now too - including a super-bastard Captain, shot the guy in the head with an arrow and then, having lured him into the line of fire, unloaded on him with a mounted crossbow!

Graphically, it’s a very impressive area too - a whole lot verticality and some amazing vistas.


But that’s what they’re doing. Young people have played games for ages - back when I was doing so in high school (prior to any of us having access to cars) I was usually on my own; online gaming wasn’t a widespread things outside of Doom on PC over dial-up. If they’re gaming now while communicating with pals, that’s surely better?


I’m in this camp too. The world is getting smaller and kids communicate over the internet and gaming the way they would running around the streets but without the older kid drinking beer or smoking that they have to socially ape to be popular.

I tend to stand up for kids a lot on here cause I have been djing at 16th-18th Birthday a few times a year for 20 years and kids today are more polite and grounded and nice than I’ve ever seen. All the under tens I’ve been in contact with who watch YouTube Minecraft and play games online with friends seem pretty fucking happy and not at all cut off from the would in a negative social way.

My nephew says bye bye to his mates forty fucking times and, in my head, I’m like, “Fuck sake you’ll be talking to them online in twenty minutes!”


I did it as well, but we came over to each other’s houses and walked or cycled to get there - and it was only when the weather was too wet to be outside.
So regardless of being in the house, we were still getting some exercise and we were socialising face to face.

There’s an epidemic of inactivity in young people which they are taking into adulthood and it’s leading to obesity, type 2 diabetes and lots of other illness that the risk of is increased due to a sedentary lifestyle. It also creates bad habits that are hard to get out of and stops them creating good habits which are very difficult to pick up later in life.

I live across the road from a local park. Even in my early 20s when it was sunny you would struggle to find a space to kick a ball about or play frisbee or whatever. Even during the winter, us and others would be down there playing football, or out on bikes.
Now even in summer the park is empty.

Because kids are all in their house playing Fifa or spending their time on social media.

Times have changed and it’s not in a way that’s good for health and will in many cases contributed to longer term issues with decent percentage of individuals. There’s now stacks of scientific evidence to back this up.


That’s been happening long before gaming.

In NI, at least, this doesn’t seem to be the case at all. They are a bunch of parks within 20 miles of me that are ram packed at the weekend as long as the weather is reasonable (I know this as my girlfriend takes videos of her kids a fair bit.) I live in a small town and I have to try not to knock over kids playing football a fair bit. Schools and local community groups have always had stuff for all ages to exercise including football, gymnastics, dance, GAA, hockey, camogie… There seems to be more than ever. My nephew who is into gaming as much as you are saying has a regularly used trampoline and swim class every Friday.

From what I’ve seen any scientific evidence is in tabloids saying “What could happen to kids,” and the NHS seem to back me up… Kids are healthier now in the UK than they have been for a long time.


My experiences are completely different in the west coast of Scotland

When I was younger I played football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, squash and badminton competively.

We now have no squash facilities, we have no indoor AstroTurf, there’s no volleyball or basketball teams in the area and there’s no volleyball, badminton, basketball or squash clubs. The largest local swimming pool has also shut down.

We now only have football, tennis and rugby facilities and I won’t let my kids play rugby because it massively increases the likelihood that they will turn into arseholes.
Kids can’t play football in the street there’s too many cars. They are not allowed to use school playgrounds even if they were interest and I could take a picture of the local park now for you to show that it’s empty.

There’s no after school clubs any more because teachers won’t give up their time and because everyone is on paedo watch overload they won’t allow parents to run them - and they don’t teach as many sports in PE any more.

Kids aren’t as active any more. I’m actually a bit surprised that anyone is going to attempt to argue against this point.
They don’t walk anywhere, to school or otherwise and spend more of their time indoors than ever before. So I don’t understand how they can possibly be more active. This isn’t a criticism of kids by the way it’s a criticism of society - but I’m fully aware having this conversation on a forum which is largely made up of people who spend a lot of their time reading, playing games and watching television is probably going to be difficult. Myself included.

The NHS is also at breaking point and I think a key to resolving this would be to reduce the number of avoidable ailments by getting people living healthier lifestyles which don’t involve sitting on our arses all day.
High blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes are all massively on the rise and all have direct links to an inactive lifestyle.


Fuck Monster Hunter World and its entire creative team. There’s no way they don’t fuck their expansion by selling it and then, after you’ve bought the fucking thing, it’ll say ‘you need to be Hunter Rank xx to access this content’, with the requirements for access being the completion of a sky-high difficulty quest or two. A quest like Beyond the Blasting Scales.

Now, all the online talk says this quest is easy because the two Bazelgeuse you go after will tear each other to shreds. Bull. Shit. They did sweet fuck all to each other. They swanned around the area for loads of the time, before having a bout or two and then one of them very quickly fucked off. Granted, sword is not the best weapon but the selling point is it’s possible to use any weapon on any monster. Also bullshit. (And bows? Do fuck all damage and have shit range - it’s likely why I’m so surprised by the bows in AC Origins, those have range!)

Compared to just about any other game going, your playable character in MHW is so fucking hampered it’s beyond a joke. Want to heal? He does so slowly and the health bar refills slowly; move to get that health refill, he casually jogs over; hunting monsters but is forever paralysed when they roar when instead he should smashing their fuckin’ throat in. Oh but you can get immunity, why should I have to get immunity to something that a fucking hunter shouldn’t be susceptible to in the first place?

And then there is it’s equally fucked up risk/reward structure. The reward is stingy, the risk too high and the game’s difficulty spikes are not so much jumps as mountains. They keep doing new quests, some sound quite cool, but guess what? Yep, locked away. You do the final part of the main game quest, you defeat three elder dragons and some other new bastard thing and your reward is? That bastard quest I tried today and a random decoration ability. For what was involved in defeating that quartet of monsters the “reward” sucked.

It could be a fantastic game. All it needs are a few quality of play improvements, like not every useful ability having to be enabled by armour, a proper dodge move, some idiotic status effects removed and automatically sheathing weapon when trying to get into a small hole. (Of course it won’t happen because too many people think the artificial difficulty of the game and fighting your character to get them to do anything is a fun ‘challenge’. Then there’s the ‘git gud’ crowd, all of whom deserve to have their hands broken.) The big improvement would be allowing armour upgrades that get you equal or superior to the prey you’re going after, that with enough preparation and work you can get that, but no. Instead, whatever next level the game throws at you, all your gear improvements will be nowhere near enough. That isn’t incentive to play the game, it’s the opposite.


This is not true at all in my country from what I can see.

You’ve built the case that this is a location based problem and nothing to do with gaming, and in that I think you’re right. We are lucky (if you can call it luck) in NI to have a lot of money pumped into our local communities through the peace process, I understand that isn’t the case in the rest of the UK but to blame gaming is not tackling the issue whatsoever. The local park you’re talking about is over 20 years old I’m assuming. Parks here need refurbed every 3-5 years or the same happens. People like using new, fresh looking things.

Those reports are written in a very leading manner.

The rankings, produced by a global alliance of health experts, show the UK lagging far behind a host of countries, including Poland, Slovenia, and Venezuela, when it comes to children’s fitness.

Really, those are the countries who have better fitness? The first two countries people come to the UK for a better standard of life and health care and Venezuela is one of the sunniest countries on the planet. You think they don’t have video games there…

I think it’s all too easy to blame gaming when, in reality, in a country like the UK, kids will always struggle to get decent excersize because of the weather and due to lack of funding in certain areas of community and, unfortunately, as you say, society has a problem, peado fear and a breakdown of community relations can lead to fuck all for kids to do and therefore gaming becomes the only thing kids can do if there’s nothing else for them. But blaming gaming itself as the cause is wrong and not very constructive in tackling the actual location based issues that have come up here.


I’m not blaming gaming itself - but kids sitting in the house playing games instead of playing outdoors is being less active - it’s just common sense


Yet, at the same time, there’s a good amount of evidence that Millennials - who used to be kids not so long ago - are eating more healthily, exercising regularly and not boozing and smoking either. That suggests that once kids are old enough to have more freedom over what they do, they are choosing healthy options.

Kids lives are more controlled in comparison and the media serves a steady diet of fear that very few parents will be completely immune to.

Sadly, it’s never been common,


I actually think has a lot more to do with body image as opposed to fitness.

These people spend time in the gym so they can look like whatever dickhead they like on Love Island or Geordie Shore or whatever pish they watch.

It’s not functional fitness and it goes hand in hand with the amount of young woman going under the knife and getting Botox and lip injections for the same reasons.

Going to the gym doesn’t have the same health benefits as being active throughout the day and cramming it into an hour doesn’t undo the rest of the time spent sedantry.
It’s also an isolated activity which doesn’t have the same mental health benefits as taking part in sport and competitive activitity.


I don’t know, how much activity do kids need, in reality? Surely the real issue is more about diet? There’s no kids I know of that need to exercise to extend their life so if they are living healthier in far as weight and smoking/drinking then really I don’t see a major issue - when you look at age 16 and up gyms and fitness suites are packed out, at least over here. Far, far more than they were 20 years ago. While I believe there’s clearly a problem if kids don’t have the choice to go to sports and parks, but Fortnite is the same as sitting in and playing with He-Man or Barbie for three hours only you’re socializing with friends while you do it. It’s also a gender based issue. Girls are perceived as not needing to play sports to the same degree as boys yet that isn’t true at all. And still my nephew will be off playing football with the school while my neice sings in the choir.


None of that is at all what gyms and fitness suites are like.


Aye it is

But we’ll agree to disagree on this because I’m taking the kids out for a walk and we are miles apart on the conversation. Which is OK but neither of us is going to change our minds.

To get back to my original point, I’d rather my kids were socialising with other kids outdoors playing with each other face to face or playing sports than than sitting on their arses staring at a screen spending the time with each other virtually. And I think that’s how we are designed to be.

Especially if their choice of game isn’t very good :wink:


Find a local PT who does a boot camp and join it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

That’s fair. I just think that kids get plenty of that in school where they aren’t around negative acquaintances and kids outside their age group who may pressure them into behavior they aren’t ready to make a good decisions on like it was hanging round the streets when I was a kid.

On this we agree 100%.


Could we move this shouting at clouds somewhere else?