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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Yup Fortnite has actually been praised because all the paid add-ons are purely cosmetic. Most games of its type make it so they help you progress.


You mean all of those years I spent calling my friends all the foulest insults in the books while playing NBA Jam and Goldeneye with them wasn’t social?


I suppose this is really a tech question, but it’s game related, so I figured I’d keep it in here. I’m trying to take screencaps from Day of the Tentacle Remastered. As I’ve got the GOG release, there’s no equivalent to the Steam client offering an in-built screencap function, so I’ve been trying to just use print-screen and then paste into my image editor of choice. Except every time I do it, it just pastes the first image Windows shows after I’ve alt-tabbed out of the game, rather that was on screen when I actually pressed print screen. Anyone know how/why it’s doing that and if I can force it not to?


Were they in the room with you? I happen to think a Mario Kart session without much swearing is pointless.


AC Origins is a very good game but when it fails? It fails hard.

Had a mystical vision quest that included a boss fight with a fuckin’ massive snake. You’re armed with a bow of light and infinite arrows, so fighting a huge snake in the underworld ought to be epic, right? No. Because the fucker is grey on a dark blue background and the camera doesn’t track it, so it devolves into moving the camera to find the fucker, aiming the bow - fuck, it moved. Just a very, very shitty sequence all round.

The other was a vengeance quest where two of the targets were literally underground with no clue of how to actually get to them. A YouTube vid solved that one, but it shouldn’t be needed.

Game gets an awful lot right, but these two were howlers.

Still, assassinating the Lizard was quite neat, especially as he was the same bastard behind the poisoned corpses earlier.



So, AC Origins - over the last three days or so I’ve really gotten to grips with this Legendary Predator bow I’ve got. It. Is. Nuts.

I’m on a ship, on a mast and I can see the Captain at the far end of the shore camp, far, far away - I line up a shot, which goes through mast lines, above tents, perfectly goes through trees - fire it off and, 2-3 seconds later, the guy drops dead. It has that level of range.

Later I’m in a fort, have taken out the watchtower guard - I have an elevated position, with three perfect killshots on the other three perimeter guards - to the back of the head. They never see it coming. You only ever get 9 arrows, well the quiver I have so far is 9, so you have to be careful, but damn, what this hits - unless it’s a super-armoured super-bastard - and there are some of those - dies instantly, especially if you pull off a headshot.

Hunting and Light bows are useful, haven’t done much with the Warrior bows yet.

Tonight’s Predator killshot? A Heavy enemy, on a ship, shot from the other ship’s top mast platform!


So what’s on tap for 2019 gaming? Let’s assume Last of Us 2 isn’t this year…what are you looking forward to?


Finished the main storyline of the Spidey game on the weekend - very well done; the story ends quite dramatically, and there are some great post-credit cut-scenes that provide hints for the sequel.

I am now still trying to rack up enough points to acquire all of the costumes and power-ups but some of the challenges set by Taskmaster are really hard.

(If you’ve played the game or aren’t concerned with story spoilers the “Screw it, we’re just gonna talk about Spider-man” podcast released a bonus episode to talk through the game - the podcast started as a Lee/Ditko era review show only, but they both loved the game, putting it up there as one of the absolute best Spider-man things ever (along with the Spiderverse film). They mention some the easter-eggs that I missed - a hospital invoice in one Harry Osborn related cut-scene has an invoice number that refers to the issue of ASM where Harry first appeared, for example.)


Death Stranding, except that it’s definitely not being released this year. So, aside from that, Ghost of Tsushima is exactly the game that I want to play. I don’t really like open world stuff since they always waste so much time, but when you’re playing a samurai in feudal Japan? What else would I rather spend my time doing? Although, I am not confident that’s coming out this year either.

So I think that just leaves me with the Resident Evil 2 remake, and I haven’t even played 7 yet!


Smash Bros. Melee was really great fun, and Rogue Squadron (plus its predecessor on N64 (with the RAM booster pack) - why haven’t they continued that franchise?

I’m in the minority, I think, but I really liked the GC controller, finding it very comfortable to hold, with buttons being exactly where they needed to be.


You’re not in the minority at all—they still make them for the Switch (primarily for Smash Bros, but still).


I just recall a lot of criticism at the time, comparing it to the PS2 and revamped X-Box controllers.

I’m also a big fan of the 64 controller, and I know that one copped some flack - but it was quite the groundbreaker, with its analog stick, rumble-pack, 3 options for directional controls, and the Z-trigger button.


Are we assuming that? Shit. I need that game right now.


Just bought this. Now I need to dig out the GameCube controller adaptor.


onight was bloody cool.

I ended up exploring the Isolated Desert region - and it is desolate! It’s very impressive how visually distinct they made each region. It also has some major verticality, with Bayek doing some huge ascents and descents.

At the same time, I took on a Reda quest, headed towards the location and there’s pretty much a Rebel army attacking the place… And a Phylake. A Lv 40 Phylake too. I’m not really inclined to do an even fight with these guys. On the other hand, there’s a lot of Rebels! So I chanced it - turned out the Rebels had taken him down 33%, I started doing hit and runs, they kept hitting them, I got a bleed effect on him - and he bled out! Yes! One of the top two, Lv 40, super bosses dead. So, I then spent a good amount of time assisting Rebels on other punch ups.

Also did a couple of Animal Lairs, got to a vantage point, used Senu - and with that perception up, the bird sees everything - locate the king animal, one careful killshot - job done.

I finished off by returning to Siwa, doing a complex underwater location and then nabbed the underwater perk that makes a big difference. There’s a handful of locations not done due to my being too low level, so time to take care of that unfinished business.

Game remains a huge amount of fun.


Yes the verticality was really cool. I still haven’t jumped in to Odyssey since I got back in to Red Dead 2, but I’m really looking forward to it.


Today was the day where I found War Elephant camps and took two more Phylakes - Lv35 and Lv38, just one remains and I know where he is, so I get to do the rest of the world.

Done a host of treasure locations, few boats, couple of small camps and couple of quests.


Today I continued doing mad fun with the Predator bow - what do you do when your headshot isn’t quite a killshot because it’s a high-level enemy? The answer is you fire and then fire a second, by the time the first one hits and they register it, the second hits home finishing them off.

Just over two-thirds of the map is complete, 7 regions left on Bayek’s global tour of world carnage. So tonight I took a trip to Pissa Oros Citadel:

On a quest to save a kidnapped kid, I snuck in, killed everyone and then drove the kid out of there on a cart. This included a Lv 40 Commander - headshotted and then burnt to death, a Lv 39 Captain - who never saw it coming - literally, plus a Lv 39 super-armoured-bastard Captain.

Now those guys make the brute enemies look small, they’re about 8 foot tall, completely armoured, with executioner axe as weapon and your weapons do next to next no damage. They also have super speed too and generally make Phylakes look easy. So far, before now, I’d had done two - both difficult fights. So, this time? Screw it - he’s in metal? A perfect roasting tin! I lobbed firebombs onto him from a couple of parapets away. Waited long enough between hits that he never spotted me, took 5 bombs to roast his arse.


Having finished Spidey I downloaded Fortnite but had no idea what was going on. Luckily I saw my old work colleague on Thursday and she let me borrow her PS4 copy of GTA5, so I spent a few hours playing that over the weekend.

Even though I last played it through (on X360) about 2 years ago I’d forgotten how the three stories come together - it’s still early on but is really something else in terms of the characters and narrative, and of course the amazing map.

It must be one of my favourite ever pieces of entertainment.