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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I’ve mentioned that AC Origins is the first game I’ve played where I can see another company responding to what Witcher 3 did.

There’s the 2 big expansions, but it’s not limited to that. For instance, the horse controls are improved, having looked at what W3 did and then taken it further. For the first time ever, there’s actually decent swimming controls! And the freedom of options and movement is unheard of in the series. They even dispensed with the ‘suspicion’ mechanism on follow missions, which never worked because they could detect you from far, far away!


I finished Spider-Man. I liked parts of it, some of it was really cool, but it had way too much old school open world filler. Want more story? Pay another $30 for the dcl. No thanks.


This is nuts - I’ve racked up 40 hours or so on Assassin’s Creed Origins and I’ve still only done just over half the world!

Memphis is the game’s version of Novigrad - a shithole but a beautifully rendered one.

EDIT: How Could I forget to mention that I had a hilarious Phylake fight? The guy was Lv28, with shield and bow. I expected him to go for close combat, but he went for the bow, so did I. I knocked him off his horse, then set him on fire and kept shooting fire arrows at him. The whole time he was yelling due to the burning, health steadily decreasing and that was … that.


I’m a sucker for open world games (aka pissing about simulators). I got Assassins Creed Origins, Watchdogs 2 and Shadow Of War in a three for two preowned deal. Will get around to them once I’ve finished Far Cry 4 off. That should keep me busy til god knows when! A lot of random scuffles to instigate.


One of the DLCs is £3.99 until 18 Jan. I’d suggest bagging it pre-emptovely as DLC isn’t always on sale and it’s 50% off.


Very late to the party here but I got myself a PS4 a few days ago, and opted for Spidey as my first game.

I spent about 9 hours on it on Friday, 12 hours on Saturday and a few more yesterday (they were to be the last three days of my holiday so I wanted to get as much time in as possible (and wife was encouraging me to do so)) - while it’s a clone of the Arkham games in many ways, the setting is just way more fun, especially on bright sunny days.

I’ve never used a PlayStation controller before so it took me a while to get used to the left analog stick being in a different spot to the X-Box one, but once I got the hang of that it didn’t take long to “master” swinging from one end of Manhattan to the other.

There are a lot of great little touches all over the place, though one area it does fall down in is the humour, with quips really missing the mark and being a bit groan-worthy.

I’m just over halfway through the main story but already looking forward to retrying the “bases” to rack up all of the collectibles later on.

And now I need to put together a list of other games to get (pre-owned for cheap).

Any maybe look into getting a LAN cable put in - the TV is 3 rooms and 5 walls away from the WiFi router so the signal did drop out, even when just setting up my PS Network profile avatar…


One of the fun little things I’ve found online is this point - the biggest influence on new Spidey is Spider-Man 2. Guess what? That predated the Arkham games too! So who really influenced who? :wink:

My recommendations:

  • Witcher 3
  • Diablo III
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Monster Hunter World
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Tomb Raider 2013
  • Elder Scrolls V: Sktrim Remaster - this is easily one of the top remasters ever
  • Final Fantasy X / X-2, Final Fantasy XII - again, top quality remasters.
  • Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap
  • Flower
  • Yakuza Zero
  • Yakuza Kiwami
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2 - There are more in the series, but this trio forms a really effective trilogy.
  • RedOut - the heir to WipeOut, you’ve never played a future racer like this, the track design is truly inspired.

Might think up more a bit later, if others don’t already suggest them. All of these should be available quite cheaply too, RedOut will be a steal.


Cmon Ben .

Red Dead Redemption 2!!!

Jeebuz I’ve wasted some time playing this.
It’s like freaking crack…apparently… so a friend tells me… wait … what’s that???


Probably not yet available for cheap - I did have to toss up between RD2 and Spidey as my first game, but went with the system exclusive. I loved RDR on X-Box, so the sequel is definitely on my list.

Interesting - I never played that, but had played the Arkham games. In PS4 Spidey there’s the Black Cat stakeouts which are identical to the Azrael ones (I think?) from Arkham City - was there a similar side-quest in the earlier Spider-Man game?

Thanks for the recs - I’ll note them down. Usually I go to EB and browse their pre-owned games while checking MetaCritic on my phone. I love the GTA games and haven’t packed up the X360 pretty much just so that I can still play them - am I better off getting the PS4 versions?


Maybe they take cues from Spider-Man 2 for the swinging, but the combat looks to be all Arkham in terms of the flow and the moves (though Spider-Man 2 did have the whole “spider-sense” press circle to dodge thing).


Yeah, the specific gameplay mechanics are much closer to the Arkham games, even if there are obvious broad similarities with Spider-Man 2 as the first open-world Spidey game.



I’m fairly deep into God of War right now, and I don’t think I like the open world aspect of it. I think I prefer God of War to be a bit more on rails.

After this it’s one of the recent Assassin’s Creed games, either Origins or Odyssey, not sure which as of yet. Origins is a bit more intriguing to me but Odyssey is supposedly just a Witcher 3 lift wholesale. Ultimately I’ll probably go the boring route and just play whichever one I think will have more resale value when I’m done.


Is a load of shrivelled horse bollocks.

Might as well continue as I’ve started and keep the fire going - never liked Rockstar’s games. Their world building is excellent, but their gameplay is not a style I enjoy. At the same time, for all they like to market their games as edgy and rebellious, they also have police authorities of such perfect ability and omniscence that the telepathic guards of Oblivion and Judge Joe Dredd are exceedingly envious of.

Which is why I find the flow of ideas from game to game over time quite interesting - nor am I seeing as competitive, that game X doing Y first means game A is cheap shite.

You got a problem then - Odyssey will have the higher resale value due to being newer, but it’s also, by reputation, far bigger than Origins and Origins is already massive. So, it comes down to what you consider to be meant by ‘done’.

It’s taken about 3-4 years for other game companies to respond to Witcher 3 - is it a bad thing that we’re getting more games like it? Nope. What’s of more interest is how Cyberpunk 2077 will change things once more, or not.


I agree. The iterative nature of these similar games means that they’ve been able to hone things like gameplay mechanics and control methods over a very long period of time.

If done right, each one of these new games should offer incremental improvement over the last - and with Spidey you get a nice change from the aesthetic of the Arkham games too, which was starting to become a bit stale by Arkham Knight.


Oh is that game still a thing? Feels like I haven’t heard anything about it in years.


CDPR dropped a 45-minute demo about 3-4 months back, many rumours say it’ll be out at some point in 2019, but might be 2020.

The demo looked great.


Dutch promises one big score will turn the gang’s luck around, the heist goes wrong, Arthur suspects Dutch isn’t a fit leader. Repeat a bunch of times, and do side missions.


More AC Origins, hot some convoys, did some locatios, Reda quest plus sidequest - the game is ridiculously fun.

The one potential problem I’m seeing on the big games is they end up becoming less distinct and more just an expected shopping list:

  • Area unlocks / map unclear
  • Player / enemy / area levels
  • XP mechanics
  • Ability unlocks
  • Enemy suspicion mechanic
  • Mobile super-bosses
  • Long grass stealth

Games that have used these, while being different genres and produced by different companies are HZD, AC Origins and Odyssey, Spiderman, Farcry 5, Uncharted 4, Tomb Raider. There’s a lot of crossover - it’s not a bad thing, unless it becomes so established that game companies think people won’t buy anything else.


That’s a shame - I think all the GTA games I’ve played (Vice City onward) plus RDR would be in my all time faves list. Part of what made me hold back on a new console was that it didn’t feel like the new generation had truly arrived without a GTA.

I’d love to go back and play San Andreas, but for some reason it really struggled to run properly on the PC I bought last year (even with the graphic options turned down) - it used to run fine on the much weaker rig I had two computers ago…

(While I’m really enjoying Spidey I’m a little surprised at how small the map is and how non-interactive the world is compared to GTA games from the last generation of consoles.)


Tried Red Dead Remption, it went pretty well then that fucking ferry to Mexico killed the game. GTAV was next a few years on and its damn supercops ceased to be fun very, very fast.

So yeah, the logical conclusion to draw was their games simply aren’t for me. They’re not alone, I know From Software’s output sure as hell isn’t for me, as are some racers.

All it is, is knowing which games are and aren’t good for me.